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Check out here 100 best collection of blouse designs with front neck and back neck and shoulder designs with images. These designer blouses adds extra glamour to your sarees.
  1. Jan 7, 2017 11:35:00 AM

    Beautiful silk sarees also requires beautiful blouse deisgns for silk sarees. Any lady wear any saree will tell you the best saree of the world but paired with unsuitable blouse can lose it’s appeal. So it is very important to select a best blouse design for beautiful saree to look gorgeous and rich. KANJIVARAM SILKS provides you vast variety of blouse designs and sarees to look you beautiful and rich. It is not important that only saree should match but you should have such blouse design that suits your personality and nack pattern. And the most important thing of blouse design is that sleeves of blouse design should have comfortable as well as stylish, trendy and everything should be comfortable and stylish.


    Blouse Design Measurement video



    Blouse Design Types

    We make blouse designs according to current trend of fashion. To make it easy for you, we have many designs for your sarees and within our blouse designs you will surely find perfect for your saree and rich look of you. We also provide designer sarees at very low cost and also matches blouse designs for these designers sarees according to customer need. We have multiple blouse designs, some of them are listed below.


    • Asymmetric blouse
    • Collar neck blouse
    • Backless blouse
    • Halter neck blouse
    • Boat neck blouse
    • High neck blouse
    • Peter pan collar blouse
    • Jacket style blouse
    • U-shape blouse
    • Knotted blouse
    • Princess cut blouse
    • Keyhole blouse
    • Round neck blouse
    • Criss-cross blouse


    deepika padukone blouse design



    We have more variety of blouses along of these. Every pattern has its speciality and is perfect according to occasion. These are not only for parties or special occasion that demand latest stylish blouse designs. I don’t think that it is so difficult to select beautiful blouse for a lady because every lady is well known with it and i think it is one of the favourite interesting thing of a woman's life.


    Perfect designed blouse for your sarees

    It is very difficult to select a blouse for your designer saree, if you have very less options of designer blouses to select. But at KANJIVARAM SILKS, you will get vast variety of every type of designer blouse for your every type of designer saree. We create perfect blouse designs for your sarees to make you look perfect. We believe in customer satisfaction and we feel much proud and happy to make them beautiful. We always here for your service. We have several variations of blouse designs and ladies are open to select any design according to their choice and with types of saree with which you are planning to wear it. We have also a vast variety of handloom blouses and prepare it quickly according to your wish. Patch work blouse is also a good choice for paired up nicely with patch saree and as well as other sarees. Every blouse has it’s unique look. We use strong base material to make a quality product. Different types of necks can be implemented in the blouse. We have basically blouse can have front opening or back opening according to the design. For better fitting, pads can also be added to the blouse which enhance its fitting.


     nayanthara blouse


    Round neck blouse design

    One of the simplest and most common designs is the round neck design. Being one of the authentic designs for a very long time, this design is for the non-risk takers. Embroidery work and stone work close to this round neck can be done to make these blouses look suitable for parties and functions. 


    round neck designer blouse


    Square neck blouse design

    The next popular design in blouses is the square neck blouses. Designer blouses usually come in square neck design as they are stylish and can never go wrong. We can team up deep square neck back design with knots for a more traditional look. 

     square neck blouse design


    Chinese collar blouse design

    The initial designs for a modern blouse came from the Chinese collars. The high collared blouses are a major trend setter for women who wanted to add a western look to their sarees. Designer sarees become classier with these collars while the simple cotton sarees are made more professional with a simple Chinese collar blouse. 

    chinese collar blouse design


    High neck designer blouse

    Also known as boat cut blouses; these high neck blouses make you look as adorable and cute as possible. Intricate stone work or embroidery can be done on these blouses to make even your simplest of sarees look party ready. For a grand saree these blouses can be made simple with just a golden piping or single string of stone work. Three fourth sleeves or cute cup sleeves are preferred mostly by designers for these high neck blouses. Accessories can be kept minimal as the close neck designs themselves bring out a splendid look.

    high neck blouse design


    Spaghetti strap blouse designs

    With a lot of influence from the west, we have become more comfortable and accustomed to western outfits. We also feel that we look much more beautiful and sensual in them. Hence these Spaghetti blouses are a much awaited change in the saree world. These blouses are perfect for cocktail parties and red carpet events. 

    Spaghetti strap blouse designs


    Sheer sleeve blouse design

    The blouses with translucent sleeves created a wave in the past decade and we sure have at least one of them. If you don’t it is high time you get one, as these sheer sleeve blouses are one of the best choices for designer chiffon and georgette sarees. The translucent netted material can also be used for the back and the shoulder part if improvisation on the same line is required. 


    Sheer sleeve blouse design


    Embroidery blouse designs

    Embroidery design is something that can never get outdated. It brings elegance and class to any material. A blouse with embroidery design is sure to make your saree look majestic and rich instantly. Plain sarees go well with these round necked or high necked embroidery blouses. It is best to leave you upper pallu single, so that your beautiful blouse design can be seen through them. 

    Embroidery blouse designs


    Patch work blouse designs

    The patch work blouse is beautiful and is one of the most common designs we choose. They are simple yet stunning. With a little creativity and correct colour combination you can make your boring blouses into exclusive master pieces. Bits and pieces of the saree will usually be used for designing these blouses and it is in the hands of you and the designer on deciding how best you can use these pieces to craft the perfect blouse. 

    Patch work blouse designs


    Netted blouse designs

    The netted blouse is an emerging design that is totally loved, from models to teenagers. They make your blouse look grand and sensual. Usually extreme stone work and designing would make your blouse look traditional but these designer netted blouses beg to differ. They are the perfect for showing the right amount of skin and make you look classy yet sensual. 

    Netted blouse designs


    Bridal blouse designs

    Wedding is one of the most important occasions in a girl's a life and there is no room for compromise not only while selecting the groom but alsofor the bridal wear. Nowadays women want their blouses to be as attractive as their sarees and they have a humungous variety of bridal designs to choose from.  Designers try to usually keep the theme of the saree in mind while designing the blouses to make them look exceptional. 

    Bridal blouse designs


    Halter neck blouse designs

    Those who want to flaunt their long neck and firm shoulders should definitely opt for these halter neck beauties. They are the perfect for dinner dates and special night outs. They make you look posh and stylish when combined with plain chiffon or crepe sarees. 

    Halter neck blouse designs


    Designer wear blouse

    Every day there is a new design or fashion that is incorporated in to the sarees and blouses by all the major designers in the country. These designer blouses not only make it to the fashion runways but also to parties and social events. Hence it is high time you catch up with all the trending fashion in the designs and cuts of blouses to become the showstopper. 

    Designer wear blouse


    Mix and Match

    Sarees nowadays have become a very trendy and fashionable piece of clothing and women no longer think that sarees are to be worn only for traditional occasions. Fashion lovers are crazy about sarees because there are a number of variations and enhancements that are possible in them. Wearing a saree with the attached blouse or a contrast coloured blouse gives it a pretty safe look. But for the quirky minds out there, blouses of different colour and texture can be tried for these sarees. Readymade blouses in common colours such as gold and red have become really famous because they can be worn with any saree either as a match or as contrast

    contrast blouse


    The above are the various kinds of the blouses, but there are four basic types of cuts in blouses that are common for all the kinds.


    Back open  blouse designs

    Back open blouses are those in which your hooks and zips are in the back of the blouse. These blouses are a must if you want the front side of your blouse to be filled with designs. Similarly if your sarees are transparent then it is best to have your blouse to be stitched in the back open way. 

    Back open  blouse designs


    Front open blouse designs

    The front open blouses are the conventional ones that have been into use for the past so many years. There are various types of front cut blouses and the most prominent one of them are the normal cut blouses and the prince cut blouses. Back designs and back cuts are preferred by most of the women as our sarees are usually well designed in the front half. 

    Front open blouse designs


    Stretchable  blouses

    Girls these days are more comfortable and convenient in wearing blouses which are hook and zip free. This is when the stretchable blouses where introduced and they became an instant hit among young ladies. It was easy to wear, very comfortable and size was not much of an issue. Plain stretchable blouses in velvet were the original ones, but soon there were many designer stretchable blouses that came into the market. 


    Zipped blouses

    The zipped blouses are now trending in all the designer stores. They are easy to wear and design as the zipped blouses give both the front and back area to design. For those who love their blouses to be close neck or boat neck they should definitely opt for these zipped blouses. 


     Zipped blouses


     Latest collection of Blouse design images


    agnisakhshi blouse design


     aishwarya blouse design


    alisha blouse design


    anglo stylo designer blouse


    anita style designer blouse


    baby pink silk blouse design


    banarasi designer blouse


    Beautiful brocade sexy back blouse design


    beautiful saree blouse design


     beautiful south indian deisgner blouse


    begali style designer blouse


    black embroidery design blouse


    black kalamkari deisgner blouse


    blouse with deep cut design


    blue designer blouse design


    blue designer blouse


    bollywood style designer blouse


     bridal blue blouse design


    bridal perfect blouse design


    bridal white blose design


    bridal white blouse design


    bridesmaid blouse design


    brocade style designer blouse


    button style blouse design


    chaaya blouse design


    chandini style designer blouse


    chic style designer blouse


    chilli red designer blouse


    cocktail designer blouse


    cocktail style designer blouse


    cool designer blouse


    cool velvet designer blouse


    cream red brocade blouse design


    cutie pie blouse design


    dazzling style designer blouse


    deepika in white designer blouse


    designer indian blouse


     designer net blouse design


    designer stylish blouse design


    diamond shape mirror work blouse design


    different blouse


    divya kanika blouse design


    dotted style designer blouse


    elegance style designer blouse


    elephant design designer blouse


    embroidery blouse fusion style


    embroidery green style blouse design


     enbroidery cool blouse design


    enbroidery silk saree work blouse design


    exclusive blouse design


    fashion twist blouse design


    fashionista high neck blouse


    floral boat neck blouse design


    floral designer blouse


    flower designer blouse


    full tissue blouse design


    fuschia designer blouse


     fushia pink designer blouse


    fusion deisgner blouse


    god print designer blouse


    gold brocade blouse design


    gorgeous blouse design


    gorgeous sheer blouse design


    hot look blouse design


    kat blouse design


    indian bridal blouse


    indian wedding blouse design


     indian wedding blouse style


    indian wedding inspiration designer blouse


    ndie picks designer blouse


    intricate style designer blouse


    kajal wedding blouse design


    kalamkari blouse design


    kalamkari design blouse


    kalamkari designer blouse


    kareena kapoor style blouse design


    kerala bridal designer blouse


    kerala style designer blouse


     khatil work blouse design


    kounika blouse design


    kumki blouse design


    kummi blouse design


    kundan work blouse design


    kutchi embroidery designer blouse


     lasya blouse design


    lolita blouse design\\


    lovely blouse design


    lovely neat designer blouse


     manpreet designer blouse


    maroon cotton saree blouse design


    maroon elegant blouse design


    maroon zari cotton designer blouse


    midstone designer blouse


    mirror style designer blouse


    mirror work blous design


    mirror work designer blouse


    mogra blouse design



    Though we have so many varieties of blouses in the market, there are somethings we should consider before designing blouses in certain types. When we choose blouses such as spaghetti and halter neck we should make sure that we have well-toned shoulders and arms. Women on the healthier side should avoid backless blouses. Similarly the other most important thing we should look into while getting our blouse stitched is the fitting. How much ever innovative and beautiful our blouse looks, it will not be appealing if it does not fit us properly.


    Accessories and hairdo are a major part of styling your sarees.  Wearing the right saree makes a huge impact on your blouse. If you want to flaunt the designs on your blouse, then the accessories should be kept minimal. Close neck blouses are really beautiful without necklaces and chokers. Similarly we can wear chunky neckpieces and bangles for simple blouses with short sleeve and deep neck. If you have specially designed the back of your blouse, then it is important to show it off. Hence, the hair do should complement your blouse and should let you flaunt your design.


    There are different ways of draping a saree and the blouses play a huge part in its outcome. We should experiment with all the looks before we settle to one especially if we are getting ready to a special occasion. Traditional or modern, we sure have to be the show stoppers. As sarees have become a dress for special occasions, it is essential that we choose them with utmost care. In recent times, it has become really important for women to look perfect and pretty from head to toe. Thus we have to make sure that our blouses, sarees and the accessories we choose are rich and classy. Become your own fashion designer with the wide range of blouse options available for you in the market today. 








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  2. Jan 2, 2017 7:06:00 PM

    Deepika Padukone is going to heights, from Bollywood to Hollywood. She achieved a lot that many other Bollywood actresses are still dreaming of. Why she became this popular? There is no doubt, she is very talented but her fashion sense made her stand unique in the talent crowded world. Deepika padukone is the talk of Bollywood as well as Hollywood, so her dress designs too. Deepika Pdukone’s blouse designs are very special and unique designs that very much suitable to highlight her beauty in the lime light. Want to be noticed like deepika? Here is some blouse designs wore by Deepika padukone, and these blouse designs are trending in the Indian fashion world until now. 


    deepika padukone hot blouse

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  3. Dec 29, 2016 4:10:09 PM

    Katrina Kaif always prefers to wear something trendy. Especially she is very curious about selecting the matching and mind blowing blouse designs every time she wearing a saree or a lehenga. Most of her dresses have a style combination of both Indian and British fashion trends, since she is also a British film actress and model. Here are some Trendy and cute looking blouse designs that Katrina Kaif wore in some movies and events.

    Katrina Kaif in Short Sleeve Blouse Designs with Embroidery Works

    Short Sleeve blouse designs


    Katrina wore an eye catching Short sleeve blouse design during the birthday party of Late Mr. Yash Chopra on September 2013. Katrina was His last Heroine and she walked on the Ramp wearing this beautiful looking Blouse design on his birthday event.

    These blouse designs have a stunning look due to the classic Embroidery works. It also has a medium low cut neck that giving a decent and cute look to the person who wears it. 


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  4. Dec 27, 2016 11:19:12 PM

    Sonam kapoor is a fashionishta and she always draws media attention when it comes to fashion. lets take a look at her various saree blouse designs with different tyoes of sarees.

    If you dont know who sonam kapoor is, she is the indian actress in bollywood and she is the daughter of anil kapoor.  

    She wore a contrast sleeveless black blouse design for the plain white saree

    sleeveless black blouse design



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  5. Dec 8, 2016 11:52:00 PM

    Watch this full video on how to make a designer blouse. You need to know little basic stitching and tailoring work. Its very easy to learn if you follow the video tutorial.


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  6. Dec 7, 2016 6:25:32 PM

    indian wedding saree : A newfangled design is touching the soul of every woman and has the collection of different forms of attires. “Style communicates about the fashion and it exists in the dresses only”. This expresses a perfect appearance of a character of the lady. This outfit conveys the message of stylishness and this gives an elegant look.


    brahmin indian wedding saree

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  7. Nov 22, 2016 4:37:50 PM

    Sania mirza performing a ramp walk for kanjivaram Indian wedding saree at iijw fashion show. she wore a beautiful purple color saree with full zari tissue work . This saree comes in 9 inches big border and it matches her beautifully. She wore a contrast color rose sleeveless blouse. The whole attire adds glam to her look. Her jewelry was  complete with white necklace and white earrings.

    sania mirza in wedding saree

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  8. Nov 21, 2016 6:30:52 PM

    Below is the beautiful parrot green colour indian wedding saree made from Kanchipuram . it has lovelyflower design made with pure zari and the border is made in contrast pink colour .  Only saree can reveal the perfect figure of a girl and neatly draped wedding saree gives additional attraction. Parrot green goes well with women who are brighter in skin colour. The other advantage of saree is that, even if you are put with little weight . women in saree will look great.

    parrot green wedding saree

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  9. Nov 19, 2016 6:49:54 PM

    Actress Rekha looks stunning in a indian bridal wear maroon colour full gold zari wedding saree made from the silk city of tamil nadu - Kanchipuram.  Her kanjivaram wedding collections are a treat to watch. the saree is completely made in full zari gold and is completely plain without design. It has 16 inches big border and it comes with maroon colour silk and full gold zari in to it.

    rekha maroon full gold indian bridal saree


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  10. Nov 19, 2016 1:29:19 AM

    Trisha in Royal blue inidan wedding saree with big border contrast pink colour. The saree design has full stripes all over the saree and border is in 9 inches big border saree. she wore white colour blouse which has very good embroidery design.

    trisha in royal blue indian wedding saree

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