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Mysore Saree Udyog Silks online

Here you can check out Mysore Saree udyog Silks online vs Kanjivaram Silks.

The exclusive feature of Mysore silk is the vibrant colors in which they come. These carry minimal design and are hand spun traditional silk. These are visual treat to see and awesome to wear and feel. This is a type of royal fabric that was originally woven for royal families. These were later made available for high ranked people who had top status in the society.

These are available in rich colors and contain golden threads interwoven in them to bring out the richness in its design. This variety of silk saree has climbed up to great heights mainly for its sheer beauty. Following the increasing use of this type of saree, the government silk weaving factory had begun weaving this variety and made it famous.

With the advent of technology, these Mysore Silk Saree (Mysore saree udyog) are also available online now. The saree is mainly manufactured in the Mysore city. It was the Maharaja of Mysore who began importing looms of the silk from Switzerland. These Mysore silk sarees were manufactured for meeting the needs of people from royal families.

The price of the sarees (Mysore saree udyog) is mainly determined by the volume of gold or silver thread with which the saree is woven. In general, the weight of a fully woven mysore silk saree is between 400 and 600 gm. Weavers make user of natural pigments to dye the saree. And patterns like motifs of birds or fruits is made over it. Production of this saree includes pain-staking production. This ensures that each of the aspect of the saree is made perfect.

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