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  • Kanchipuram Sarees

    You can buy here Kanchipuram silk sarees online at weavers' price. The same quality sarees are sold double the price at other shops. Before you make a purchase, If you need any clarifications on any of our Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, Please contact us at +91 - 9677063537 All our Kanchipuram Silk Sarees will be shipped from Kanchipuram and the Delivery time is within 7 working days for USA and Canada. Why Choose us? You can buy silk sarees at wholesale price. We can send it as gift to avoid import taxes for your country. Free Shipping with in India. Do you want more discount in price? Click on the saree that you like. Next click on the facebook icon to the left. Sign in and share. You get 5% off of your total amount. For more info, Please chat with us.

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