Best Wedding silk sarees shops in calicut - A wedding is an auspicious ceremony in the Indian culture which marks a beginning of two people getting married. They step into a new life together with families coming together for support and blessings. Although a meticulous task, weddings are one of the most enjoyable occasions. We celebrate multiple functions before the weddings and there are post wedding ceremonies as well. It can be a really stressful task if you have no clue about what ensembles you are going to wear. For every function a different attire is required and a different look.

kanjivaram silk saree

Kanchipuram saris have a variety of sarees beneath them, which could be the theme of your wedding. As a bride, wear Kanchipurams to all functions which would enhance not only your beauty, but give you a traditional touch in this oh so modern era! You can embrace Patan saris, Patola saris or Kanchipuram pattu saris. They are known for their richness in weaves, gold borders and magnificent look. The luxury of pure silk saris is limited to only a few and those who do have it adapt it with much grandeur.

 Shop for Kanjivaram sarees wih price in Calicut where you will get a lot of variety of bridal wear. They have designs both in contemporary and traditional wear.


•          Kalyan silks

Kalyan silks are one of the best showrooms dealing in silk sarees in Calicut and have a wide network of stores across India and the world. The showrooms of Kalyan silks are designed with international ambience and provide high class textiles to the people throughout the world. Sarees by the store are quite unique and innovative and add exquisiteness to any bride who adorns it. Their designs are exclusive and exceptional, providing glamorous festive charm. With its own looms spread throughout the country, Kalyan has evolved into an exceptional super store with no competition. You can choose latest and trendy sarees from their showrooms designed by their proficient team and if you want to purchase in bulk, Kalyan has the largest wholesale textile showroom in India, which helps in controlling the prices of this traditional brand and providing consistent quality to everyone throughout. Bridal saree shopping from Kalyan silks is fun filled and enjoyable with boundless varieties of silk sarees to explore from.

 silk sarees calicut

•          Jayalakshmi silks:

Jayalakshmi silks were established in 1947, in a very small area with a very small customer sitting. With time, the store has gained immense popularity and has expanded its operations in several cities. Located on Kalki road Calicut, the store has a huge collection of sarees in many varieties sourced from every corner of India. The ambience of the showroom is quite subtle with the best sales team to help you in choosing the right product. Jayalakshmi Silks are another name of superior quality and authentic designing for its prestigious clients. During wedding seasons, the store is full of awesome variety and people prefer to visit the store for their wedding shopping. When shopping in Calicut for your silk sarees you must give Jayalakshmi store a stopover, for genuine silk sarees at affordable prices.


•          Sangeeth Silks:

With 15 years of experience in sarees, Sangeeth silks have trendy and stylish drapes which will augment your charisma and enhance your glamour quotient. With several stores located in national and international market, Sangeeth silks provides unique and exclusive sarees which are good value for money. The store is famous for its groundbreaking design and ideas changing constantly to introduce new line of fashion on the regular basis. The quality of the products is finessed with durability; fast colors and high quality add oodles of oomph to your style. The store sources its products directly from weavers due to which high quality is delivered at economical prices. Add silken luster to your wardrobe by shopping at Sangeeth silks for your upcoming wedding and raise the style quotient.

 silk sarees for wedding

•          Lamiya silks:

Lamiya Silks were established 25 years back and has been providing high class silk sarees with impeccable quality. The store has an expert team to serve their prestigious clients with extraordinary quality products fabricated in vibrant colors and exquisite designs. The store houses greatest wedding collection in the city and is the most sought after brand in the state. Lamiya silks have been doing outstanding business in silk saree industry and main forte of their brand is the exceptional consumer services. It is a one stop shop for all your bridal shopping and you will fall in love with the collection the store has to offer.


•          Silky weddings:

It is an exclusive women’s showroom featuring kanjeevaam sarees for bridal wear. They opened in the year 1986 introducing a trendy collection for women in latest fashion, sourced from different parts of India. Situated at Swapna Nagari, the showroom has many loyal customers visiting the store during a wedding or festive season. The store has several branches throughout the world and is a hit with clients during festivals. Silky weddings host Kanchipuram festival every year where shoppers can witness weaving of silk sarees at the entrance of the store. The store houses sarees for women of all ages and brides can shop for their wedding trousseau from the showroom.


•          Kalyan Kendra:

It is a showroom dedicated to wedding shopping and an entire floor houses wedding related articles for bridal shopping. You can pick up designer stuff designed by in-house designers or kanjivaram wedding sarees sourced from manufacturers directly. An annual silk saree festival is held at Kalyan Kendra during festival days, which is a major attraction for clients throughout the country. During the fest, sarees are available at extremely low prices and the great saree show is gathering huge crowds with each passing year. Make sure to visit during this time for extreme benefits.

You can get a glimpse of several sarees by visiting these stores and choosing the perfect one for your D-Day. Pick up a fabulous saree from several showrooms in Calicut and look gorgeous on your wedding day. Be the beauty that enthralls all the guests in a traditional Kanjeevaram saree and enjoy the attention.