How rich is India culturally? It’s not even a question that the world raises because they already know how much. Not only each State, but even a number of cities in those states are famous for some or the other crafts. India is known for its excellent craftsmanship and handlooms especially kanjivaram handmade sarees. People from all over the world visit india to just have a look at our craftsmanship. An example of such excellent craftsmanship is a city in Uttar Pradesh called Lucknow. With their love in textiles, they also excel in their food. So if you are planning to visit Lucknow, do not forget to indulge in their street food.


kanjivaram wedding sarees in lucknow


But if you are getting married in this beautiful city, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. With their oh so awesome forts and palaces, they also have a whole place just dedicated to bridal sarees . It’s a whole market where you can find textiles of every kind especially chikankari. Also known as the shadow work, this work is very sober and when combined with gota patti, it is a perfect ensemble for a bride. They have big designers who cater to every range and even customize outfits for you. We here will give you a list of showrooms that you can visit for the perfect sarees for wedding in lucknow.


One of the most famous markets in Lucknow is Hazratganj where one can find a couple of places to shop for the right outfit. This wedding season can be really tedious if you have to find the perfect outfit and hop to a couple of places to find your dress.


  • Excelsior creations- Located at a posh location in Hazratganj, Excelsior exports serves as a pioneer in providing sarees for bridal wear and party wear. Their collection is one of a kind and they have all kinds of sarees from northern to southern part of the country. Their location is perfect as there are many shops around so that you compare and buy. They provide economic options with the best of choices. So this wedding season, shop for an impeccable outfit which commends your beauty.  They are the standing pillars of diversity and creativity. They opened in the year 1948 and serve as a benchmark since then. Their diligent craftsmen are innovative and masters in their handlooms. Always keeping up with the changing trends, this firm displays a perfect blend of conventional and contemporary styles.


  • Madhu Saree house – Finish that search for the perfect wedding ensemble at Madhu Saree House. They display the best and most gorgeous wedding sarees for weddings which are sure to blow your mind. Not only for brides, but even for bridal trousseau Madhu Saree house has won over many hearts in the city that people want to visit time and again.  They offer expansive price range which enables all kinds of shopping, be it the expensive one or the economic kind. Madhu Saree house has become popular due to their uniqueness in providing bridal saree outfits for the perfect wedding. So go for a gorgeous saree for the stunning wedding.


  • Sardar JI Saree wala – One of the pioneers in saree collection, Sardar ji holds the most variety and beauty in sarees . They have an expansive variety in their sarees. Ranging from chikan to zari to Zardozi to Gota patti, this place holds it all. They merge conventional, traditional style with much modern and contemporary silhouettes making sure they give today’s bride the options she requires. They redefine traditions hence by doing this. Their variety ranges from Designer to hand crafted based on the price range. If you are looking for a wedding saree that will get you in the limelight, buy one from Sardar Ji.


  •  Shree Balaji Shuit and Sarees – This place is based in Hasanganj and has been serving the city of Lucknow with its wonderful collections in suits and sarees for years now. Their wide range in Sarees has won the hearts of many in and outside of Lucknow and hence has become one of the most visited places in the city. Their quality in unbeatable and have a collection of party wear and bridal wear which is unique.  Shree Balaji has a range of premium sarees called designer wear which is exclusive to the well-known designers of India. They provide marriage sarees for all kinds of price range.


  • Lucknowi Chikan – Are you looking for a saree that is authentic to the city of Lucknow? A craft mastered by the local craftsmen, who are both sophisticated and mesmerizing, Chikankari speaks for the rich culture of Lucknow. If your flavor for this wedding season is sophistication, choose a Chikan saree which will enhance your look and give you the perfect flamboyance. And what better place than Lucknowi Chikan to buy the craft of perfection? They not only have Chikankari in sarees but in suits as well. This shadow work will last a lifetime and can be passed on from one generation to another. Lucknowi Chikan has the best of designs in gorgeous colors that one can go for this wedding season.


  • Munshi Sarees – Based in Saroj Plaza, Munshi sarees has collections for the modern bride who sticks to her roots. Their collections are inspired from the traditional motifs and contemporary silhouettes. They entertain bridal guests as they are pinnacles in the wedding trousseaus and bridal wear. If you are going saree shopping at various places and are getting tired then end your search here. Become the perfect wedding guest by never being out of place. Wear the perfect saree that Munshi sarees will provide to you. So end your search here at Munshi and buy the best of kanjivaram sarees from here.

Lucknow is a city that has always excelled in anything that it steps in. One of the strongest pillars in history, this city screams creativity and cultural richness. So buy the best of sarees from the above mentioned places as they have something for everybody. And don’t forget what they say when you enter Lucknow! “Muskuraiye, Aap Lucknow mein Hain”.