Best places to buy wedding silk sarees in delhi - Indian weddings are the biggest and the most celebrated occasion in every individual's life. This big fat occasion deserves the trendiest ensemble for every function. In today's gen, when we are all about foreign silhouettes, some of us really like to stick to our roots and rock in the traditional outfit with a contemporary touch.  In addition, if you are a Delhi girl, we will tell you just the right spot for every event. Every Bridezilla has a story, and we with the help of this blog, will help you narrate that story to the audience by the outfits that you will carry. This article's going to help you know about those hidden gems in Delhi where you'll find your "perfect dress". So let's start with the some of the most popular ones.

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1. Meena Bazaar - Meena Bazaar is one of the most renowned and vintage places to buy any kind of silk sarees. Few decades ago, there was only one show room with exotic collection of silk sarees from all over India. One of the most posh places to buy a silk saree for a wedding or the trousseau was Meena Bazaar. But today, with showrooms open all over India and at multiple places in Delhi, this brand still continues to attract people of every taste and serve them with the best quality.


2. Frontier Raas - When you are looking for budget buys but still want the originality maintained in Pure Kanjivaram silk sarees or Benarasis, this showroom is your go to place. Located in South Ex, Delhi, they have plethora of variations, designs and colors that a bride can look into. They have been serving the Delhi market for quite some time and have many clients who are just very loyal with the brand.


3. Ekaya - The essence of Banaras can be felt in Delhi when we talk about Ekaya- a premium brand for the urban elites. The use of pure silk with Indian motifs and yet the contemporary tinge is what is mesmerizing about Ekaya. All their collections are so bold that they feel like a fusion of Indian designs with modern motifs. From celebrities to the elite brides, all adore the rand. Their collaboration with Playclan produced an enigma of silk sarees that were out of the world. Their price is on request only.

Do you know the most popular place in Delhi for all kind of Bridal shopping in budget? Well, don't be anxious because we, right here, will help you guess it. It’s in a place where there are crowded streets, narrow lanes and also known as the famous paranthe wali gali. Yes, you guessed it right - Chandni Chowk!  Now when you want something that's trendy and is in fashion today, CC will never fail to make you happy. Let's look at a few famous stores there for silk sarees.

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4. Bombay Saree Store - This showroom is located in the most crowded yet the most prime estate of Chandni Chowk. Bombay saree store is a Mecca for brides looking for Pure silk sarees for their trousseaus or to wear at the weddings. They have the best celebrity styles, and all kinds of sarees from really heavily embroidered to the ones that will even perfectly fit your taste buds even if you like western couture. Their latest styles are pretty affordable and yet have a range on request when you need designer ones.


5. Ram Kishan Sarees - One of the most popular destinations for every bride, who has to deck up for her day, is Ram Kishan Sarees in the heart of Chandni Chowk. Their collections are just remarkable with innumerable choices running your way. This store is purely and solely dedicated to the occasion of weddings. They have choices in Designer silk sarees which are really heavy to handloom zari sarees with moderate work on them. So pick the one that suits you the best.

Social media is one of the biggest platforms to showcase what the young generation is really up to. Blogs, instagram posts, face book pages or twitter is just another form of marketing your product. We found some great designers on Instagram about whom the nation is going cray cray. Their aesthetics are so different yet have a beautiful sparkle to it that we'd love to buy both!

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6. Summer by Priyanka Gupta - This instagrammer stays true to her brand name and her clothes are the soothing pastels of summer. That faded burgundy with flower embroidery is every sophisticated woman's dream come true. She designs perfect silk sarees with motifs as if they were plucked from the garden and just stitched onto your saree. Her latest collection Paradise is a perfect fit for you if you like a serene, quiet and peaceful wedding by the sea in the day. So invest in the ensembles by Priyanka Gupta and never go wrong with her outfits at any occasion.


7. Ayush Kejriwal - Where Priyanka projects serene, Ayush shows how bold is beautiful. He mixes his creativity with eccentricity to get out the best of every outfit. The silk sarees have a contemporary touch and hence perfect for every bride. He strongly believes in handloom and gets the best out of his workers. If you are a bride who loves to be the modern bride, Ayush Kejriwal is your guy for every ensemble to be worn on your special day.

Weddings can be messy and a huge stress especially when you hardly know where to go to for your outfit shopping. With all the planning to do at a wedding, buying outfits is yet another headache. And the expansiveness of Delhi can always lead you to highly priced but low quality showrooms where you might find something that you like and would just have to compromise with it. But we, with the above mentioned information want to relieve you of the anxiety that may be caused. So ladies, do not miss your beauty sleep anymore, as your bridal outfits are taken care of!