Maintaining your beautiful Soft silk sarees: expert tips - India is a hub of Soft silk sarees, weaved in awe-inspiring patterns, hues and designs. Silk sarees are a fantasy of every Indian Lady and she wants to own two or three beautiful pieces in awesome colours. However, one of the problematic phases in owning them is how to maintain these pieces. Some soft silk sarees are woven in very fine thread counts with intricate designs, which require special amount of maintenance. These elegant six-yards silk sarees should be handled carefully, if you wish to pass them on to your generations. The process of maintaining it is not very difficult if you follow all the guidelines carefully.

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Understanding their types:   


Banarasi soft silk sarees:

These are very pretty sarees woven in intricate designs using golden thread. The brides can purchase one to flaunt royal look on their marriage functions. To maintain the shine of zari, you must keep the saree wrapped in mulmul cotton fabric. Layer each fold with butter paper to keep the silk away from bugs. Sarees should be dry-cleaned occasionally and only simple plain sarees can be washed. Pure sarees can be maintained only with dry clean or they will loose their luster and sheen. Ironing of the saree should be done on the wrong side or by keeping a cloth over it. Faux versions of materials are very low maintenance, and they can easily be hand washed. Silk fabrics should be stored away from direct sunlight and heat as its colours and shine may get affected.


Kanjivaram soft silk sarees:

Kanjivaram sarees are woven with high quality silk threads and gold. These are one of the best sarees a woman can own. Pure gold threads and silver threads of Kanjivaram don’t lose their shine with time, but they cannot be washed. These sarees should be dry cleaned and kept in brown paper bags or muslin cloth with moth repellent balls. Wrap each layer in butter paper to avoid crumpling of threads. The Kanjivaram’s should be ironed by keeping a cotton cloth over it and you can sprinkle some water on cloth. Store them away in dark and cool places and you can treasure them forever.


Ironing of soft silk sarees is done at particular temperature at which its tissues do not burn. Do not handle the sarees roughly as its beauty will lessen. Do not apply too much pressure on them and keep them gently to maintain the threads.

In order to best maintain the soft silk sarees, it is better to hand them in wardrobes with cotton covers. There should be no dampness or bugs in the area and leave spaces between each saree for the air flow. 

In order to keep your saree looking new forever you need to maintain it properly and should not just take off and throw aside after a soiree. Fold the saree neatly and put in a paper bag to send to the dry cleaner. Pure soft silk saree is high in maintenance but if kept properly, they will be an asset forever. Just a little hard work will pay off later. 

 Handloom soft silk saree

Drape yourself with the pride of Chennai

A saree is a traditional and very gorgeous women’s outfit. As India is the hub of sarees, you can find a plenty of amazing varieties all around. Every second region of the country is associated with the production of a unique kind of saree. Chennai is one of the highly popular and prominent saree destinations. This saree hub has gained immense popularity for hand woven silk sarees. Indisputably, these sarees are in huge demand nowadays. The traditional saree weaving technique is still flourishing is the passion and dedication of artisans and craftsmen in Chennai. Soft Silk sarees in Chennai are woven with traditional weaving methods.


Soft Silk sarees – An Inseparable Part of South Indians’ Life

Saree is not an ordinary garment of the people of Chennai. It is an inseparable part of their life. Women love to drape silk sarees not only on very special occasions, but also on a daily basis. This is the reason why soft Silk sarees in Chennai are produced in such a big amount. Apart from traditional sarees to modern designs, everything is easily accessible in this city. The demand of soft silk sarees in Chennai is not only restricted to local people only even foreigners love to pick a beautiful South Indian saree. After the advent of online shopping sites, it has become quite easier to purchase this beautiful garment from any corner of the world. 

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Varieties of sarees in Chennai

When you are shopping soft Silk sarees in Chennai, the options are immeasurable for you. From soft pure silk sarees, to Kanchipuram, you can find lots of varieties. Kanjivaram, Pattu and pure silk sarees are the most famous varieties. These sarees are in high fashion and even cerebrates are the fan of this six yards long garment. Each variety has its own significance and some special characteristics. Depending on the occasion and your personal choice, you can pick the best one. Every precious and special thing comes with a worth and so is a silk saree. If you would like to drape a heavy and glossy silk saree, be ready to spend well.


Specialties of Soft Silk sarees in Chennai

The amazing glossy finish, multi-hued fabric, brilliant motifs, and interesting patterns, etc. are some characteristics of silk sarees in Chennai. The South Indian Sarees are woven by best quality silk fabric. To decorate the saree, especially the border and Pallu area golden and silver threads are used by the artisans. The threads are dipped in golden and silver solutions for twenty four hours at least and dried in the sun. When it comes to patterns, temple designs, artistic depictions of flowers, animals and birds, etc. are used in most Soft Silk sarees in Chennai. These sarees are woven and dyed in the traditional manner. Usually, the artisans don’t mix and match other fabrics with silk. However, nowadays some designers combine some other fabrics to give a modern appeal with a traditional charm. You can also find some small geometric shapes on the saree.

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