Before purchasing a saree many questions come in our mind. When it comes to kanchipuram wedding sarees a heap of confusions starts developing inside our mind. Kanjivaram Silks is the place where you can get variety of sarees for your wedding. You can choose from plethora of options and make the best choice. We help you in clearing all your doubts and help you in choosing the best one for you. All these sarees are best for different kinds of occasions whether it is your marriage, party, function and other different event.


Kanchipuram Wedding sarees are designed for enhancing your personality and modify your look manifold. Here, we are sharing some useful tips that help you in selecting the perfect saree for your wedding.


        I.            Choose the draping styles

The styles in which you drape a saree also show your sense of style and decide how you will look on your special day. There are different ways by which you can look slim, tall, short, slim or fat. Therefore, it becomes important for you to decide an elegant style to wear. Moreover, the draping style must be tidy and you should try to avoid the clumsy look. Because, the untidy look can make you look fat. Even the plates of sarees must be neatly tucked.


      II.            The fabric of which saree is designed

The fabric also plays a major role while selecting the kanchipuram wedding sarees and also it decides how you will look on your wedding day. A particular fabric suits to a particular category of women. For an example, a heavy saree look more beautiful on slim girl rather than the fat one.


    III.            Talking about the prints

According to the experts, a girl should avoid the large prints on her wedding day as they make them look garish. Take another example, the short women if wear large prints make them look odd. That’s why, they must select smaller prints.


    IV.            Deciding the border

A designer border is a way to define someone’s personality. There are many designers who advice to wear no border or minimal one in case you are short in height. The broad border suits you perfectly if you have tall height.


      V.            Choose the colours intelligently

The dark colours are best suited to someone who have dark colour or little bit clumsy. It is not only about the kanchipuram  wedding sarees, but even other dresses this is also applied.


    VI.            Work on the sarees

The sarees are available in different work like embroidery, Zari, stone or heavy work. Heavy look perfectly suits to the slim women. And, the light one best suited for overweight ladies.


  VII.            Go for the designer blouse

A designer blouse is meant for suiting the sarees and makes you look beautiful and gorgeous. Go for the trendy designed blouses. There are many blouse designs available like short sleeves, short neck, and deep neck, backless and designer neck.

At Kanjivaram Silks are offering a wide range of best designed sarees that are meant for your wedding.