Check out here 5000 Latest collection of blouse designs with front neck and back neck and shoulder designs with images. These designer blouses adds extra glamour to your sarees.

Sarees play a major role in the Indian culture and heritage. It characterizes femininity, grace and class. The sarees are beautifully complimented by their blouses. In the olden days, blouses were considered only to be an essential part of the sarees but now they play a pivot role in making your sarees look more elegant and pretty.


We have a copious variety of blouse designs from which we can choose according to our sarees and the occasion to which we are going to wear them. Ranging from simple chiffon and laced blouse design to heavy stone worked designer blouse, there is a blouse for every saree type. The other important things we have to concentrate on, while styling ourselves are the accessories and the hairstyle as they have to enhance the design of your blouses.


You can classify the selection of blouses according to a saree or the occasion to which you are going to wear it. A saree with minimal embellishments and matching blouse design will work wonders on your professional styling. Designing of new age blouses with trendy cuts would help you revamp your hoary sarees. Similarly special occasions such as weddings and parties call for designer blouses. The intricate detailing of these blouses usually coordinates with the designs in the saree and sometimes they are even theme based.


The blouse market in our country is booming and tailors are now skilled in designing blouses in the most delicate and impressive way possible. In the olden days, there were very basic choices we could make while designing blouses. The neck design can be chosen and the most stylish blouse we could design was those with deep neck and knot. But today, the blouse world has seen a whole new craze from women not only in India but also the NRIs. As much as women pay attention to choosing the perfect saree, they now choose their blouses. They try to go through zillions of designs and catalogues before settling down to the one that is suitable for their saree and for them.

There are various types of cuts and designs in blouses that will leave you awestruck if you are a newbie to the saree world. Some of the most famous and sought after designs and cuts are explicated below.


western style designer blouse


white simple blouse design


yellow designer blouse


zari blouse design


zara cute deisgner blouse