Saree is a traditional costume which looks every attractive once worn. Almost every woman’s wardrobe shows a wide collection of sarees. Some women wear saree on the daily basis as they know how to take care of it. But there are women who used to wear saree only on occasions. They always get confused how to take care and maintenance of these sarees.

The fact is that the Kanjivaram silk sarees, Banarasi Sarees are extremely expensive and if don’t preserve well, it would lose its life, hence the damage. Today, we have assembled some tips that would let you know how to take care of your wedding sarees properly:

kanchipuram wedding sarees


  • Don’t forget to re-fold your expensive kanchipuram sarees

We try to pack our sarees once worn but never let it open. This is a bad step as it converts your saree into colorless and dullness. It is recommended to take out your kanchipuram wedding sarees and let them stay in mild sunlight for a few hours. This process should be done after every 6 months to maintain their color and shine. This endows you to know about any fungal attack or fabric breakage of your saree.


  • Storing of expensive kanchipuram sarees need care

Storage of your wedding sarees is a significant step. It should be done carefully. Never hang your Silk, Banarasi, Kanjivaram and other wedding sarees on metal hangers. Make sure to store these in a cool place by folding and covered in a cotton bag or cloth. For your silk sarees, try to add Silica gel as it will avoid humidity and preventing fungal growth on your silk sarees.


  • Give a special care to your heavy embroidery sarees

For your wedding sarees having heavy embroidery or embellishments, try to store them properly to prevent any tear or snag. Moreover, make sure not to hang these sarees even a day as it would cause the embroidery to stretch and tear the saree fabric.


  • Try to regain its silk shine

If your stored silk sarees have lost its shining, you can regain it by adding ¼ cup distilled white vinegar mixed in one gallon water and rinse off the vinegar properly. Don’t try this remedy on very expensive silk sarees.


  • Wash your kanchipuram wedding sarees carefully

The fact is that choose the dry clean option every time for your sarees is quite possible for all people as it is an expensive process. You can wash your sarees at home which are not so expensive. For your washing process, first, wash it with the salt water. Then check for colour-bleeding by washing a part first. At last, use the good detergent and rinse it properly. Never squeeze the fabric to remove the excess water. Make sure to dry clean your silk and zari embroidery sarees.

In brief, the better you take care of your expensive or kanchipuram wedding sarees, the longer it will shine. Just remember the above-mentioned tips and turn your sarees into a vibrant, bright, and beautiful look.