Sarees in India are the most desirous garments by women of all ages, shapes and sizes and brides are mesmerized by its magnificent beauty. They are very graceful, elegant and classy and provide a sophisticated look to every woman who adorns it. Indian women love sarees and they want to own a whole wardrobe with various types of sarees in beautiful designs. There are several options of bridal saris available in the market and they are designed in an extensive variety of colors, fabrics and designs. Whether it’s a wedding, party or some other event, sarees are mostly preferred over other dresses. Sarees are very comfortable to wear and can be worn from weddings to workplaces. Whether it's your wedding or your loved one’s wedding, pure silk looks elegant on every occasion and ethnic patterns rule the heart of every Indian lady. We have seen our mothers and grandmothers look extremely beautiful wearing the silk sarees for marriages as they provide a natural and poised elegance to brides clad in them. They are a must have for every festive occasion and wedding trousseau of every bride is incomplete without a Kanjivaram. You can look exquisite and serene in silk sarees woven in bold and grand borders in the gold zari.

parrot green wedding silk saree


Tips on buying a silk saree:

•          Whenever you buy any dress, most important thing to keep in mind is the body structure as very heavy and starched sarees do not suit heavy women and clingy material like georgette or chiffon do not suit skinny women.

•          A stout woman can opt for Mysore silk, Chiffons, Crepes or georgettes. Fluffy materials like organza, tissue or care will not suit healthy women.

•          Skinny or slim women can opt for materials like tissue, Tussar, cotton or organza as they will give a fuller look.

•          While tall women, can adorn big borders and large motifs, small women should wear sarees in small or no borders.

•          Women with dark complexion can wear colors like maroon, green, cream and pink while for women can wear both light and dark colors.

•          Make sure to choose a saree with intricate weaving and exquisite designing so that it stays evergreen.


Wearing the silk drapes

•          Wearing a sari gracefully enhances its design and makes you look sophisticated, so you must drape the saree in a refined manner.

•          Formal functions and work wear sarees must be properly tucked and pinned up to provide ease of movement and comfortability.

•          During functions pinning up the saree makes you look smart and graceful and your Pallu falling from one shoulder provides magnificent look. 

•          Sarees can be worn in several styles like Gujarati, Marathi or Bengali style. Every drape is mesmerizing and with beautiful accessories, you can enhance your overall poise and elegance.

•          Nowadays petticoats in several styles are becoming very common like a flared petticoat with net or satin petticoats, which enhance the look further.

•          If wearing tissue silk or cotton, silk sarees, make sure to starch them and iron them to get proper pleats while draping.

•          If you have trouble with draping sarees, then you can get your saree pre-stitched and just drape it within 2 minutes.

 dark green silk saree

Maintaining the saree:

•          Proper care is required to maintain your silk sarees forever, so it is important to take care of sarees timely.

•          In case you are washing the saree, just rinse the saree in cold water for the first three washes, without applying any detergent.

•          Use very mild detergent later on and do not wash with other clothes which might color bleed or leave lint.

•          Washing the saree with a protein shampoo is highly beneficial as protein is the food for silk. Usage of chemicals can damage the saree.

•          Do not use a brush on the saree and don’t twist or wriggle the saree. Keeping the saree wet for a long time can spoil the saree.

•          Drying the sari with a dry towel immediately removes extra moisture and always hang it on a padded hanger to dry. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture for better maintenance.

•          Dry cleaning is recommended for most of the pure silk sarees and dry cleaning fluid removes all the stains and dirt from the drape without penetrating the saree completely. The solutions used for dry cleaning keep the fibers safe from damage make sure to show all the stains to dry cleaner to get best cleaning done.

•          Always iron the saree only on medium heat and do it while it is till damp. You can also use a steam iron on the saree and intensive care is required to iron starched sarees.

•          To cherish the saree forever, you must store it in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Shuffle the fold of your saree every month and keep silks wrapped in muslin cloth to keep it safe. Keep butter paper between all the folds to avoid friction between the cloth. Keep silks in hanging position and handle them delicately.


 Getting rid of stains from your precious drapes:

•          Wash the stain immediately with cold water and if the stain is stubborn, then soak the stain in petrol and rub soft cloth over it.

•          Immediate dry cleaning will help in getting rid of the stains. While nail-paint stains can be removed with acetate, lipstick stains can be removed by dry cleaning solution. Dab talcum powder for oil stains on silk and wash off with hot water. Other types of stains, mostly require dry-cleaning specially food stains.

•          Deodorant or blood stains can be removed by washing immediately with detergent or hydrogen peroxide.



Indian women have inherited sarees from older generations and the charisma of the grand ensemble is mesmerizing and magnificent. Every lady whether young or old can wear a saree with utmost grace and charm and rides can flaunt the wedding sarees on their wedding day. Silk sarees are considered to be most comfortable outfit with an awe-inspiring feel that is magical in every way. Silk sarees for wedding are a must and by maintaining them properly, you can treasure them forever for your upcoming generations.