Indian wedding is biggest celebrations that are carried as a part of Indian culture and Indian wedding sarees occupy a great prominence here. The Indian wedding saree fleet is known for their quality and durability and incorporates original and traditional designs in the sarees depicting the culture. In the age modernity, trendy designs are incorporated in the sarees to suits the needs of younger generation while offering the grad looks of old age. As culture and traditions for each state in India are different, they follow a unique style in the manufacture of these wedding sarees depicting their culture but these wedding sarees are worn across the country. Let’s now know different types of wedding sarees that are popular by state. There is no scarcity of the type of Indian sarees available going for other outfits would make your wedding incomplete. Wedding sarees are classified based on the work done o them whether it is Zardari or net. Here is a further classification of Indian bridal sarees online.

 kanchipuram silk saree

kanchipuram silk sarees

 This is the finest collection of Indian wedding saree and is highly preferred by the brides of south India. These kanchipuam sarees collections have their origin in Kanchipuram, a part of Tamil Nadu state but remain a favorite saree for all south Indian brides due to their exquisite temple borders.


Banarasi silk saree

Kanchipuram wedding sarees are popular in the south in south India so, is the popularity of the Banaras sarees in north India. These wedding sarees are popular by this name as they hail from the holy city kashai. The core silk material comes from Banaras and gold work on the saree is done in Bengal. The brightness of this traditional saree will complement your stunning looks in the wedding.


Sambalpur saree

This silk saree is the pride of Odisha and are handloom saree available in cotton silk and  Taussor. They are known for traditional incorporation of motifs, wheels flowers that have deep symbolism. The best part of these sarees is tye- dye art reflected in intricate weaves.

silk sarees for wedding 

Assam Silk

This is one of finest silk sarees of India preferred by brides in eastern India. The wedding sarees of Assam silk wedding sarees are combination white silk and red borders.


Gota saree

Gota saree is another popular option for the wedding saree chosen by the bride across the country when they are looking for some cheaper options to perform various rituals as a part of wedding ceremony. In this kind of sarees, gota kind of lace is attached to pallu and hem of the saree.


Zardosi Sarees

These wedding sarees are a popular option both in North and southern parts of India. This zordari work can be done on both net and silk sarees and is a popular option for wedding sarees across India.



This is another popular option for the wedding saree hailed from the region of Aurangabad and is most expensive collection available in India. This kind of sarees  are preferred by brides of Maharastra and have real gold thread work crafted on them.