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Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram Silks is an exclusive online shopping store to buy Indian Kanchipuram bridal silk sarees at weaver’s price. Our collections – pure Kanchi pattu, kanchipuram Wedding sarees, bridal sarees kanchipuram, Soft silk sarees. Why choose us? We make and supply silk sarees to major shops in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad so here you can buy at wholesale price. We can also send the sarees as gift to avoid import taxes in your country. All our pure silk sarees comes with silk mark certified. We also customize and make wedding silk sarees for you, with our own designs for your wedding functions at your budget. Check out our silk sarees regularly, you might get your liked saree at the very best price. 

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Glory and beauty knitted in Indian Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

A marriage in South India is unfinished without a beautiful Kanchipuram sarees. This is available in several varieties: Patan sarees, Patola sarees and Benaras silk saree, but among all, Kanchipuram pattu sarees always takes pride of being in a supreme and special position. Kanchipuram sarees are also called as ‘Kanjeevarum Sarees’ which are made out of traditionally woven silk from the exclusive place Kanchipuram. These sarees are known for their shine and fabric with rich weaves, gold borders, contrast borders, gold zari dots, patterns, etc. They gained such a fame because of their magnificence and grandeur look.

Pure Silk sarees are always a luxury and they hold a very special place in the mind and the heart of South Indian brides. These silk sarees have great color combinations which look very authentic and elegant. Not only in India, but their fame has spread all around the world.

Origin and History Indian Wedding Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are hand woven in the lanes of city Kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu. Silk weaving is a tradition which started many centuries ago. The silk trade was started by a famous king in the Chola dynasty who ruled between the years 985 and 1014 in Kanchipuram. There were two famous weaving communities Devangas and Saligars who migrated to Kanjivaram from Andhra Pradesh. These weaving communities were highly accredited for their expertise in silk weaving. This migration started the silk industry in the 15th century.

It is also said that the weaving industry hit a low period when the French invaded the country during the 17th century. The industry got itself revamped and started afresh during the 18th century and from that time till now there has been no looking back. During the olden days, these sarees were woven with mulberry silk in temples. The patterns and designs in the sarees were inspired with images and scriptures in South Indian temples or natural features like leaves, birds and animals. The city is also called as Silk City and three fourths of the population is involved in the silk industry.  

Style and the making of Kanjivaram Sarees

The magnitude the saree comes from the way they are made. Nor do they use big machines nor latest techniques. They follow the age old tradition where the body and pallu are woven separately and are attached. The mulberry silk thread used in the saree making is brought from neighboring State Karnataka and the zari comes from the State of Gujarat. All the raw materials are assembled and  the saree is weaved in Kanchipuram.

The weaving technique involves the use of three threads with silk threads called Zari which are dipped in silver and gold. These are made from double warp and double wept. 250 to 300 threads are woven in the wept. This makes the saree stand strong. 9 yards and 6 yard sarees are made with gold zari weaving. Since the prices of gold and silver has skyrocketed in the present years, some use duplicates, which only has the shine and is not made of pure gold. Special pure Kanjivaram sarees are available at a higher price. The price of the saree has till now not deterred the bride from approaching it for her special day. 

Little Facts about Indian Wedding Kanchipuram Sarees

The Kanchipuram sarees are made of very high quality silk. The price of a single saree may vary between 2,000/- and 2,00,000/- rupees. The price of the indian wedding sarees depends on the material, the intricacy of the work involved, the colors used and patterns made. According to a Hindu mythology, silk weavers in Kanchipuram city are said to be the descendants of the sage Markanda who is the weaver of Gods. That is the reason they say lots of natural things like animals, leaves, lotus, mango, parrot, peacock, etc. are made in these sarees till date.

The Kanchiuram sarees are very famous for their durability. These sarees lasts for a lifetime and even longer. The silk sarees are now made in many states, but those made in Kanchipuram are thicker than all other sarees so people throng to the city all round the year. The quality of the silk is recognized by the people by weight of the saree. The more heavier it is the more quality it holds. Keeping in view the ever varying trends, Kanchipuram saris have also transformed. There are many designer sarees are available to suit the modern day bride. These sarees are made with embroidery and crystals are adorned to make it more exquisite. The latest trends include making images of gods and goddesses and ancient paintings in the pallu of the saree.

Wedding Sarees Online

Wedding shopping – how does it feel when you think of it? This should obviously bring in a beautiful smile on your pretty face. The joy of wedding shopping cannot be put in words. Just the way it is blissful to think of and feel, it is tough and tiresome too.There is a lot you need to do to pick the best saree that suits your color, structure and comply with other aspects on the big day.

What are your responsibilities?

On the day of your wedding, you need to make sure that you satisfy all the needs of all your siblings, parents, friends and close relatives to those who ought to gift wedding sarees. Each of these persons have got unique tastes and preferences. Get to know each of these and buy the ones that meet their needs and desires.

Difficulties of shopping wedding silk sarees in a physical store:

For years, we are used to buying wedding sarees at physical stores. This has been the only choice available for all of us till date. Well, there is couple of difficulties associated with shopping at a physical store. What are they? Here are some of those:

  • Long hours of standing
  • You need to undergo unwanted tiredness by traveling long distances to many shops to buy best sarees
  • You may not have enough time to visit the store while you have got other works to do for the big day

What is the alternative?

While the advent of internet has eased various aspects of life, how would wedding sarees shopping escape from the list? You of course have online options that meet your wedding pattu saree online shopping needs.There are several websites and online portals that sell out wedding pattu saree online. They have got huge collection of variety of sarees like the Mysore silk, Samudrika pattu saree, kanchipuram silk saree, and so on. You are free to surf through these sarees based on the price range you are looking at, color choices, type of design you want on the saree, and lot more.

Furthermore, you can get the saree directly delivered to your home within a span of four or five days. There are two modes of payment – online payment and cash on delivery. Choose any of these two as per your comfort. Online payments can be done using net banking, debit card, credit card or other payment options like PayPal. In case if you run out of cash in your bank account and you still want to make your purchase, it is possible too. You can choose cash on delivery option of payment that allows you to pay as cash at the time of product delivery.

Yet another feature of buying wedding pattu saree online is that you can know the availability of the product in your area just by entering the pin code. Thus there are various benefits of buying wedding sarees online which each of the bride and her family members can enjoy. 

The excellence of silk sarees cannot be easily described. These sarees are priced, but priceless! Yes, they give out a splendid feel to the woman who wears it. She will find herself in a costume of a princess and that is the extent of grandness you would feel.The grace it wraps you in is so soothing to enjoy and cherish. Of all the varieties, here we have a brief on Mysore silk for those who are unaware of how exclusive it is.

Mysore silk sarees come in a variety of colors that vary from very mild and light shades to vivacious and vibrant colors. The designs and motifs on these sarees are boundless as well. While there are several varieties of silk sarees in the market, what makes mysore silk so special? The specialty of these sarees is the very minimal designs they carry in them. These are of very light weight such that it lets the wearer enjoy excellent comfort which no other silk saree would fetch. The weight of an average Mysore silk saree is anywhere between 400 to 600gm.

Dating back to the initial pages of history of Mysore silk, these sarees were meant only for rich and royal customers. The richness and beauty of this saree is drawn out of the rich and pure golden threads the saree is woven with. As the Mysore Pattu Saree was launched, there was increasing interest on the saree from all corners of the public. On noticing this, the government decided to launch government silk weaving factory. This had expert weavers to weave beautiful Mysore pattu sarees. The produce made here were then taken across the country for sales.

Mysore silk saree is a mix of various places as it has its raw materials sourced from overseas nations, Switzerland in particular. These sarees get their color dyed only from natural pigments. These vigorous measures were made intending to meet the requirements of people from rich and royal families.Well, those are now obsolete. We now have easy options to purchase Mysore silk saree as the advent of online media has extended its help. The Mysore Silk Saree Online comprises of several designs like birds, fruits and lot more.

During each and every process of weaving, the weavers are meant to ensure complete perfection. While other varieties of silk saree contain mix of silk fabric and other fabric types, Mysore silk is not so. This is exceptional as it contains 100% silk threads. This gives out a 100% pure silk saree. This purity is what takes the Mysore silk to great popularity. The silk also makes it butter soft to wear.Mysore silk saree online are also easy to maintain. They do not get crushed easily and hence is easy for maintenance. The durability of the saree is high too. They color remains as it is for long years without getting faded out mainly because of the natural dyeing ingredients and high quality zari used.Enjoy buying Mysore silk saree online and rejoice the beautiful look you wrap yourself into.

Wedding pattu sarees

One unanimous answer you would receive when asked about the best costume for Indian women is Saree! Yes, that’s true. Wearing saree of course is tough to carry and has couple of discomforts to the wearer. However, it is only a beautiful saree that can reveal the real beauty and the pretty structure of a woman.

They come in different varieties of which latest pattu sarees designs are considered special for traditional occasions, family functions, get together events, parties, New Year, festivals and lot more. The reason behind this ardent choice of most women is the graceful look it offers to the wearer. The beauty of pattu saree is so familiar that it has in fact become a preferred costume for foreigners as well.

Pattu sarees are considered important among Indians not just for the beauty, but because they carry auspicious and traditional values.

  • Dharmavaram pattu
  • Arani pattu
  • Benaras pattu
  • Kanchipuram pattu or kanchi pattu or kanjivaram pattu
  • Uppada pattu
  • Mysore pattu
  • Above are some of the varieties of pattu saree available in the market. Let us now take a deeper look at the kanchi pattu saree variety which is widely preferred by women for their wedding and other special occasions.

Bridal Kanchi pattu saree:

Bridal kanchi pattu sarees is available in the market in various styles and colors and designs. These sarees are worth the money you spend to purchase them. These sarees are truly evident of the richness of artistic diversity of weavers who have put together all their efforts to bring the best design on these  pattu sarees. These sarees are known for the contrasting borders they come in. These borders give it a royal look and elegance to the wearer.

The silk thread used for weaving these sarees are of utmost purity. These sarees are nowadays available for sale online. For excelling on the special day at your family function, choose to go with Samudrika pattu saree online. These are easy to purchase, and pretty to wear! These carry in them several designs and decorations. The price of these sarees depend on the designs made on them and decorations done. The price range varies between Rs 30000 to Rs 40000. However low priced kanchi pattu sarees are also available which starts at Rs 5000.

Kanchi wedding silk saree online for your big day:

There are several choices to go with for meeting your wedding need. Going with the kanchi pattu saree online is one of the smartest choices for you. This saree is sure to add extra specialty to your big day that is already so special. You are free to choose customized options with these sarees. Choose the design you want and place your order. Give detailed sketch of motifs, patterns, designs and decorations you require. These will be woven and delivered to you at your door step in a very short time span of just a week to one month. This will also serve to be a chance for you to reveal the fashion designer in you by getting your own piece of saree designed.

Kanchipuram sarees

There is always elegance inborn with traditional wears, be it of any country or city. As far as India is concerned, this elegance lies with sarees. The south Asian female garment running for about 4.5 to 8 meters is the typical reflection of Indian tradition. The garment is available in variety of designs, styles and patterns. Though there are wide range of classifications, the draping styles with these sarees is almost the same with all these kinds. In convention, the saree is wrapped around the waist and the pallu is draped over the shoulder. The difference in wearing lies mainly with how the pallu is draped – whether from bottom to top, or top to bottom.

The history of Kanchipuram silk sarees dates back to the period of Raja Raja Chola 1. It was during this period that the traditional weavers from this district began with weaving the saree. This is popularly known as the Kanchipuram silk saree, Kanchipuram pattu saree or plainly the kanchi saree. These sarees come in various designs in their body and border. These designs include strips, checks, flowers, buttas, and more.

Usage of Bridal Kanchi silk sarees:

These silk sarees particularly suit special occasions. They are preferred to meet the needs of family functions, wedding and other traditional functions done together in a family. Wedding is the major occasion when the kanchi silk saree is preferred. The saree when worn along with exquisite jewel sets will make the bride look stunningly beautiful.These sarees are available in vibrant colors and hence the photos taken during these special occasions are incredible too. It adds excellent beauty to the occasion and paints the wedding occasion with grace.

Where to get the kanchi sarees?

Earlier, it was only in the district of Kanchipuram that the kanchi silk saree was available. Later, catering to the increasing demands for these silk saree varieties, the silk saree producers started trading the saree to other cities and districts and even countries. This eliminated the need for traveling to Kanchipuram when one wanted to buy the traditional silk saree. Things have got even easier with technological advancements. There are many websites where one can purchase these Kanchipuram silk sarees online. There are plethora of choice to pick from.

Apart from eliminating the need to visit a physical store, there are several other benefits that can be enjoyed only through online shopping. This includes surfing through variety of collections right at the comfort of being at home. There are filters in these online selling sites. These can be used for simplifying your shopping with easy classifications. The saree collection can be surfed based on your color preferences, choice of design, fashion, latest trend, etc. The choices you find here will be enormous as compared to shopping at a physical store. There are many such sites that you can surf. The choices are wider when you opt for kanchipuram silk sarees online as you will get easy access to various shops just with simple mouse clicks. 

Kanchi Pattu Sarees

Kanchipuram is a district located in Tamil Nadu at a distance of 72km from Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu. The city is widespread along 11.605 km2. Kanchipuram serves to be the administrative headquarters of Kanchipuram district.The city enjoys good roadways and railway connections. Set them all apart and let’s explore what’s so special about this district! It was during the period of Raja Raja Chola 1 that Kanchipuram began with trading Kanchi Pattu Saree.

These sarees are woven by traditional weavers of the district. They are widely referred to as Kanchipuram Pattu Saree or Kanchivaram Pattu Saree or simply the Kanchi Saree. One can very easily distinguish this Saree from the over varieties of silk sarees with the contrasting borders they carry. 

  • Checks
  • Stripes
  • Floral patterns or buttas

 Above are some of the patterns commonly made in Kanchipuram silk sarees.The kanchi pattu wedding sarees looks great in bright colours like red, orange , yellow, cream, white, black, blue , brown, gold, green, magenta, maroon, off white, purple and the designs include such as temple border, big border , morning evening design etc

When to use Kanchipuram silk saree?

There are varieties of sarees each of which best suit specific occasions. Among these varieties, silk sarees are most commonly preferred and best suit special traditional occasions. Here, Kanchipuram silk sarees carry a special attention among all other varieties.

It is in fact a tradition in India to wear silk sarees during special occasions, especially wedding. The bride has to drape a beautifully woven silk saree, preferably a Kanchipuram silk saree on the big day while she steps on the stage!

Kanchipuram pattu sarees for Best Photos!

You make sure to choose the best photographer so that the special event is covered so well in creative angles. You want the photos be filled with your gorgeous beauty! All these can be achieved only if your dressing is done perfect. Achieve this beauty with the awe-inspiring beauty of Kanchipuram silk sarees that emit incredible beauty to your being on the whole.

Why Visit a Store?

When you want the perfect saree, you need to invest quality time to select it, affirmative! But it is not necessary that you ought to step into a physical store for your purchase. What is the other choice you have? It’s to hit a website that sells these silk sarees online.There are several websites that sell out Kanchipuram Pattu Saree Online which you can surf through and end up with the perfect choices!

Enormous Choices:

There are possibilities that you end up glimpsing only through a few saree choices in a physical store. This will not be the same when you choose to buy products online. There are easy browsing choices with the help of filters. You can check out the Kanchipuram Patu Sarees Online based on price, color, design, fashion, decorations, and lot more. This will fetch you with precise results which is not really possible with purchase in a physical store.Reap the best of shopping for your special occasion by checking out our online portal and pick the one that suits your taste, meets your desire and perfectly fits your physique.Explore site and experience the joy of online shopping!