Anushka Wedding Sarees with Matching Blouses.

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Sweety Shetty is one of the famous Indian actresses. Confused? Who is Sweety Shetty? Don’t get confused, she is none other than Anushka Shetty. Anushka Shetty acted in many leading roles for recent years, but something making her more attached to people. Is that her sexy looks that attracting youngsters towards her? She wore many sexy outfits, but after taking a survey about her dressing senses, most of the south Indian girls like her when she is in wedding sarees. So we decided to give you some trendy wedding saree blouse designs worn by Anushka Shetty. In this article, we choose 8 different wedding sarees draped by Anushka Shetty in eight different occasions. So grab a cup of coffee, let’s make next 3 minutes valuable.

Anushka shetty wedding silk sarees blose design

Cream color Wedding saree worn with Quarter sleeve Blouse

anushka cream wedding saree with blouse

Anushka looks very gorgeous in this cream color wedding saree. The saree is paired with a matching Quarter sleeve blouse with checked design. Cream color wedding sarees are most welcomed by south Indians; especially Kerala girls are very fond of cream color wedding sarees. Since Anushka is from Mangalore, located very near to Kerala, she also prefers this to wear on a wedding saree photoshoot.

Anushka Shetty Pink color Bridal saree with contrast maroon and green blouse

anushka pink silk saree with green blouse

Pink color is very much liked by girls. Teenage girls are attracted to pink color, that’s why every textile shop will have a huge pink dress collection. Anushka Shetty also wore some pink sarees during some events and it became trend on social media soon.

traditional pink wedding saree draped by anushka

The two sarees shown here, one is very modern pink silk saree and the other one with traditional looks.

Anushka Shetty in Royal Blue Wedding Silk saree with gold blouse

anushka royal blue wedding saree with blouse

She acted in some big budget historical fiction films like Bahubali and Rudhramadevi. In Rudhramadevi, she played the role of the prominent ruler Rudhramadevi. The costumes she used in that film are very much noticed. The Royal blue color wedding saree is one of those kinds. She wore a golden color half sleeve blouse to pair with blue wedding saree that made her beauty praised a lot.

Red Wedding sarees with Red Blouse design.

anushka red wedding silk saree with red blouse

Red wedding sarees are very common in all over India. Every woman will have a red saree in her saree collection. Anushka Shetty also wore a red Wedding silk saree in a movie. She wore it with a matching Red blouse having a golden border on sleeves. In fact, the sleeve is made of the border golden silk material. It looks very classy and traditional.

White Wedding saree with matching blouse design

white anushka bridal saree with matching blouse

This saree can also use as a party wear saree. The saree is very much noticed because of the paired full sleeve blouse design. The black blouses have printings on it.

Pista Green full gold Wedding saree worn by Anushka

anushka shetty pista green full gold wedding saree

This is the most beautiful wedding saree she ever worn. It is very rich looking and has a classy feel. The pista-green color wedding saree is paired with green color printed blouse design. She wore very less ornaments with this saree because the saree itself is enough to make you look like a princess. There are some more wedding sarees worn by Anushka Shetty, we will come up with more wedding sarees soon. Stay updated, stay in the fashion trends with

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