Best places to buy wedding silk sarees in Coimbatore

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Best places to buy wedding silk sarees in Coimbatore – Weddings are the most windswept and exhilarating times for brides all around the world. Bridal shopping is something which is trickiest yet enthralling part of weddings with countless dresses, jewelry and accessories for the bride to be. However, Indian brides are most excited to buy sarees as this garment has fascinated them since their childhood. Girls want to drape sarees and look beautiful from a very small age and their desire is fulfilled at their weddings. In case you have no knowledge about buying silk sarees, then don’t worry about it as Coimbatore is an exceptional place to shop for wedding silk sarees with immense assortment and outstanding quality at fair prices.

Coimbatore is a city which offers exclusive and diverse silk sarees for marriages, which are a heritage as they can be passed on to next generations. When looking for wedding silk sarees in Coimbatore you must explore several showrooms offering excellent variety of silks with purity mark. These sarees are a form of art which are woven with utmost intricacy and expertise and are infused with several colors and motifs. To look like a million bucks on your wedding day you need to know the exact color combination that suits your persona and enhances your overall appearance. There are many showrooms in the city offering wide variety of sarees so let’s see which are the best among them.

•          Shree Devi Textiles:

 This shop offers superb quality of silk sarees, with each piece so exquisite and beyond expectation that you would want more and more. This is the place where you can get wonderful quality of silks at reasonable prices. The place is loaded with an array of playful colors, designs and variety which leaves you elated and jubilant. Hospitality at the showroom is very good and you are treated like a family member. You will be awe-struck at the endless variety of silk sarees displayed to you in showroom. Visit the showroom situated on Cross-cut road in the city and be mesmerized by exotic and soft silk sarees for your wedding day.

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•          Ganapathy Silks:

If you want to look royal and fabulous on your Wedding day, then Ganapathy silk sarees is a must visit for every bride. Found in 1944 by Thiru T.M. Ganapathy Mudhaliar as a small shop, Ganapathy silks grew to a big textile showroom with its own looms. With the addition of looms, emphasis was laid on the quality to make it superb. You get a wide variety of colors and designs in several types of silk. Intricacy of designs and weaving makes every piece spectacular and stunning. You can visit the showroom located at Gandhipuram in Coimbatore and choose the perfect saree for your upcoming wedding.

•          PSR silks:

If you are looking for innovative and dreamy collection of wedding silk sarees, then you must visit PSR silks which was founded about fifty years ago. Known for purity and excellent quality, this showroom offers a wide selection of intricately woven sarees in pure silk. They have always promoted handloom and their entire family is committed to preserving the art of weaving. A dedicated team of designers and weavers are a legacy for PSR silks, who have expertise in the area of textile designing and manufacturing. When shopping for sarees in Coimbatore it is a must to visit PSR silks for stunning and innovative woven designs in silk.

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•          Pothy’s:

Some of India’s finest sarees are available at Pothy’s with authentic and luxurious silk sarees which are every woman’s fantasy. An award holder for master weaver’s Pothy’s silk is genuine and reliable with a wide variety to choose from. It is a lifestyle store with all types of sarees available for wedding shopping. You can choose from Vasundhra Pattu, Samudrika Pattu sarees, Parampara Pattu, Vastrakala Pattu or Mayuri Mepattu, the list is endless.

•          Chennai silks:

Chennai silks are a chain of saree showrooms which dominate the silk saree market, so if you are looking to buy best Kanchipuram or Pattu sarees then Chennai silks is a one stop shop for you. Founded about fifty years ago, this showroom is a heritage and legacy in itself with unique and innovative designs woven with intricacy. They infuse contemporary with traditional to create a stunning effect. The exquisite sarees by Chennai silks are designed by craftsmen who have great expertise and collections are designed by keeping latest trends in mind. You can get the whole collection online, if you are living abroad, just surf the unlimited collection online and order in a hassle free manner.

•          Kalyan silks:

Kalyan silks are the most trusted and reliable brand of the state and has a vast network of showrooms in the country. Founded about a century ago, it specializes in high quality silk woven into fabulous and intricate designs for bridal wear. They have a feather in their cap for introducing India’s first bridal silk saree with brand Saugandhika. The company has several production units with expert weavers weaving sarees in spectacular and magnificent silk.

•          Mahaveer silks:

Mahaveer silks are an extremely reputed silk saree showroom with exclusive and exquisite collection of sarees which are woven with great expertise. Your wedding collection is incomplete without a saree from Mahaveer silks. Handcrafted Kancheepuram, Tussar silk, Ikat, Putupakka, they have it all and you can explore wedding collection of an unlimited variety in many colors. The company has grown rapidly with handcrafted sarees in extensive designs available for every bride to be. With latest and contemporary designs infused with pure silk, Mahaveer sarees are a one stop shop for all your wedding requirements.

These are some of the best places to shop for sarees in Coimbatore and you can enjoy your Wedding silk saree shopping at these places for the best experience. Pick up latest Kanchipuram sarees in genuine variety or Kerala saree for your wedding functions and walk in beauty on your wedding day. Your groom is sure to fall in love again with your stunning avatar, once you adorn these beautiful woven creations by weavers of God.

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