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Customize silk sarees

We custom make pure silk sarees for wedding in your design and colour in pure kanchipuram silk with 1 gram gold zari or 3gram gold zari at your budget.

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  • Are you looking for wedding silk saree customization in 3 gram gold zari or 5 gram gold zari ?
  • Are you looking for any celebrity silk saree and unable to find anywhere ?
  • Do you have any unique design that you wish to create for your saree?
  • Do you wish to have your wedding photo  at the border of the saree?
  • Do you have any costly saree above 50k that you wish to customize for less?


                      Whatsapp us at +919677063537


We make very grand looking wedding silk sarees in 1 gram gold zari or in 3 gram gold zari and provide you with Government certified zari testing certificate. NOW We can weave your  wedding photo or couple photo at the border of the silk saree .

 silk saree customization


Our Process:

Step1:  Send your requirements  for saree customization to our whatsapp number +919677063537

Step2:  we will give you the price quote and time frame to get your saree done. After we get confirmation  from your end. We would request you for  50 percent of the saree cost as deposit

Step3:  we will update you with computer graphic design of your saree and get your confirmation to proceed

Step4:  Punch cards are made and our handloom is customized for your design and colours

Step5:  weaver starts weaving your saree and we will update you once the saree is done in the loom

Step6: we will send you pictures of your silk saree for approval and send you invoice for remaining balance amount for the saree


Silk mark and Zari certificate: We provide silk mark tag for pure silk assurance and zari ceritificate from  Tamilnadu zari testing center


Weavers & Material used:  We have expert  weavers  from kanchipuram , renowned for making high cost wedding sarees at our looms. We use Pure high quality Mulberry silk and high quality pure zari made in 3 gram gold zari, 1 gram gold zari based on your budget.


Our Reviews:  We assure that you are getting your silk saree done at expert hands. You can check out our customer reviews before you choose us. We assure and give you the best silk saree that you wished for.