How to choose your wedding wear?

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Wedding! Huh, that is a small word with a whole lot of meaning and an entire world within. You are expected to sport the best on this day. You get into the pressure subconsciously. There is in real, nothing to worry or be bothered about. All you need to know are a few tricks and tips on how to choose your bridal pattu saree.

First of all, focus on the type of fabric you need to pick. There are wide range of fabrics available for you in the market. On this big day, you need to be elegant and stunning. This look can be achieved by wearing a smooth fabric that runs down like a waterfall!

  • Georgette
  • Crepe
  • Chiffon
  • Net
  • Soft silk
  • Satin

Above are some of the best choices you have in this kind. You should never pick fabric that is so stiff. For example, tussar silk or cotton are so stubborn on your body. Please ask excuse to these two and go with a soft one. One more poor choice is velvet fabric. You will look broad and fat and heavy in velvet. If you are too lean and want such a bubbly look, you may go with velvet, but that is not highly recommended though.

What should you achieve in your fabric?

You need to obtain a well balanced shape in your body with a snugly falling fabric that highlights and enhances that good aspects of your structure.

Be unique!

While there are many collections available in the market, one cannot easily find a wedding designer saree or a wedding dress that can best suit your unique body. In that case, you may opt for custom-made dresses. Seek the help of a good designer who is easily reachable to you. She can get you custom-made dresses that speaks for your beauty.

Get the dress designed for you well before the big day and give it a try by wearing it. There perhaps may be a few alterations required to be done – event the best of all designers may fail at a few places! Try it and get the alterations done beforehand.

You need to look fit and perfect in shape. You may be so, but you may fail to reveal it by choosing a fluffy dress. Never make the mistake. Avoid multi-layering in your bridal costume. These extra bulges in dresses will make you look bulkier than you are in real. The outfit has to fit you so perfectly that it doesn’t fetch neither a bulkier nor a leaner look. A perfect choice of dress will help you in concealing the flaws amazingly!

As a bride, you will certainly have the glow and elegance in you. Add to it a brilliant touch with wise choice of dress. You are sure to stun on the big day along with your better half to get the blessings and wondering exclamations from all the attendees!

Happy shopping! 

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