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Connecticut is located in the region of New England and is the southernmost state of the U.S. Often, this place is grouped along with New Jersey and New York, thereby forming a Tri-State area. To the east is the Rhode Island, North is Massachusetts,  west is New York and south is Long Island Sound. Hartford is its capital city and Bridgeport, its most populous one. It is after the River Connecticut that the state has been named, an important river which bisects the state. ‘Connecticut’ is a term that has been derived from different anglicized spellings of ‘Long tidal river’, an Algonquian word.

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Important features of connecticut

By area, it is the 3rd smallest, 4th densely populated and 29th most populous in the country. It has been given the name of ‘Nutmeg State’, ‘Constitution State’ , Provision State’ as well as ‘Steady Habits Land’. This state is regarded to have been influential with regards to the federal government  development in the country.

Its history

The Dutch were the initial Europeans to settle in this region and established a short lived, small settlement at Hartford, which is located the confluence of Connecticut and Park Rivers,  known as Huys-de Goede Hoop. It was the English who during the 1630s had established the significant settlements. The Connecticut Colony was established by Thomas Hooker. The colonies of New Haven and Connecticut had established Fundamental Orders’ documents which is regarded to be North America’s first constitutions. The three colonies got merged making this  place a crown colony under the royal charter in 1662.

Dress, apparels and Indian sarees

Although there are varieties of dresses sold here in Connecticut, the Indian saree is said to rule the show, due to its distinctive look, style, appealing factor and the kind of change that it can bring in the woman’s beauty. The Saree in Connecticut is stated to be a popular choice among women, not only the Indians and other Asian communities, but also the Americans, who have been fascinated by the wonderful dress apparel. To cater to the increasing demands of the customers, the Indian Saree shops Connecticut have brought out authentic sarees of all types, patterns, designs and colors, so as to ensure that they are well liked. When worn, the designer sarees are sure to enhance the  beauty of the person. Few shops that are known to be exclusive saree boutique are:

  • Eaansh Boutique
  • Sai Fashion
  • Vulcal Boutique
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Saree the popular choice

In today’s age, when women are more  interested to wear western wear like  miniskirts, tops and jeans, salwar kameez, etc. are slowly turning towards the traditional Indian sarees to show their beauty on special occasions and to become the  center of all attraction. What people have realized is that the saree no more is considered to be a regular wear, since the designers have been working overtime to present a style that can help the wearer to make a style statement, thereby adding beauty and grace to the person wearing it. The Indian Saree shops Connecticut has been ensuring that they keep the latest stocks to meet every woman’s requirements.

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