Indian saree shops in Austin

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Indian saree shops in Austin – Texas . The capital of Texas State is Austin and also Travis County’s seat. By population, it is the 4th most populous and the country’s 11th most populous. Among the 50 large US cities, it is a fast developing one. After Phoenix, Arizona, Austin is the country’s 2nd largest state capital. It has a population of about 912,791 according to the 2014 census.

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Its history

Central Austin was chosen to be the destination for settlement by the pioneers during the 1830s along Colorado River. Mirabeau B. Lamar, the Texas Republic Vice President proposed between 1837 & 1838 to have its capital to be shifted from Houston to Austin, which was official done in 1839, being incorporated with the name Waterloo. It was to honor ‘Father of Texas’, Stephen F. Austin that it derived its present name ‘Austin’. Through the 19th century, the city grew and had become the focus for education and government with the development of Texas University and Texas State Capitol.


For a brief period, Austin like other American cities faced the Great Depression, but resumed development to emerge as a major city. It became the center for business and technology during the 1980s. Several Fortune 500 companies were said to have its regional offices or headquarters based here, which includes Apple Inc., Advanced Micro Devices, eBay, Cisco, IBM, Google, Texas Instruments, Intel, 3M, Whole Foods Market and Oracle Corporation. The worldwide headquarters of Dell is located at a suburb named Round Rock.

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Indian Sarees in Austin

Among the 6.3% Asian community residing in Austin, the Indians do form the majority of them with 1.9%, with its numbers growing each day. It is the economy of the city that has been beckoning Indians to come down and settle here to try their opportunities in business or service. Be it a doctor, software engineer, restaurant owner or any other profession, one can easily come across Indians here in lots, who have been influencing the Native Americans with their culture that they have brought from home. Indian Saree shops Austin is indeed a big hit, not just among the Indians and other Asians here, but also among the white people, who are fascinated by it. They are simply impressed as to how Indian women carry such bulk clothes on their body with elegance and grace. This is what has prompted them to try out the different types of Indian clothes for parties and casual wears to impress the others. Hence, to cater to the expanding demand for sarees, the reputed Indian Saree shops Austin have been offering variety of sarees to choose from. Few of the shops here are:

  • Marigold
  • Banaras Indian Boutique
  • Shalini’s Boutique

The shops located here are known to offer authentic Indian sarees for all purposes. Be it for casual wear, marriage or for any other party, the shops definitely have something or the other that is sure to wow everyone. Indian sarees are regarded not to be only clothing apparel, but also something that every Indian woman can be identified with.


San Antonio, TX 78261

Phone number(210) 487-8697


12912 Hill Country Blvd
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Phone number(888) 588-4943


202 Valona Loop
Austin, TX 78681

Phone number(512) 961-6662

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