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Detroit is located in Michigan, United States and is the most populous in the state as well as the largest city present on the U.S. – Canada border. This city is considered to be Wayne County’s seat. The metropolitan area of Detroit is called Metro   Detroit and has a population of about 5.3 million. On River Detroit, which is a strait, connecting Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes, the city is regarded to be a major port. In the Midwest, it holds the second position with regards to economy, just behind Chicago, as well as 13th largest in the U.S.

indian sarees detroit

Its history

On 24th July 1701, Detroit was established by Antoine de-la Mothe Cadillac, a French adventurer and explorer along with party of settlers. With the emergence and expansion of the automobile sector during the early part of the 20th century, it became an important metropolitan region. However, from late 20th century onwards until now, population of the city has been decreasing considerably because of job loss, especially in the automotive industry. Around 25% of the population decreased, thereby c hanging its rankings to become the country’s 18th largest city from its previous ranking of 10th largest. Following the population shift and jobs to the suburbs or to the other states, Detroit has been focusing more upon trying to become the economic and employment center of the region. In the modern age, Downtown Detroit has been playing a significant role and has become an important entertainment destination.

Popularity of sarees in Detroit

Like in other cities of the United States, Detroit also is a destination where there is significant Indian and Asian population present. They have come here looking to enhance their opportunities in business, service or as entrepreneurs. The Indian middle and higher class segments have been spread in the city. But Indian Village is one neighborhood that has plenty of Indian families residing here.

detroit sarees

Wedding sarees for women

Indian women, although are habitual to wearing western wear, their penchant for Indian sarees never have been vanquished, even though they have relocated to the States. To cater to this group as well as others, who have a fascination for Indian designer and traditional sarees, there have emerged numerous Indian Saree shops Detroit, which is quite confident of meeting the varied demands of its customers of all ages. Be it for self use or for gift to someone beloved, the sarees from these shops in Detroit can indeed be a huge hit. Some of the popular Indian Saree shops Detroit are:

  • Bolly Wood Fashion
  • Myra Couture
  • RIGV Collections

The fact is that Indian wedding sarees are quite popular across the globe, since it offers the wearer with an elegant and grand look. The right selection of sarees can enhance the beauty of the wearer and make her to be appreciated by everyone around. The wedding sarees are said to be just perfect for Indian weddings and these days, besides the bride, even those who are guests to the party can find a wedding saree for themselves that can make a fashion statement.

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