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Indianapolis is considered to be the capital of Indian, a U.S. state and Marion County’s county seat. It boasts of having a population of about 848,788 according to the 2014 censuses. It is also the state’s largest city and in the Midwest is the second largest and overall 14th largest of the country. It occupies the 33rd spot among the largest metropolitan region in the country having about 2 million inhabitants. The city residents are often known as ‘Indianapolitans’.  

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indian sarees indianapolis

Its economy

Indianapolis relies on utilities, transportation, trade business and professional service, health and education services, retail trade, government, manufacturing, hospitality and leisure, while sharing diverse economy. Calumet Specialty Products and Simon Property Group, Eli Lily & Co., Anthem Inc. are regarded to be the three companies located here that are listed in the Fortune 500.


Numerous sporting events are conducted here annually like the Grand Prix, Brickyard 400, NFL Scouting Combine, the country’s biggest half marathon, Indianapolis 500 – the world’s biggest single day sport event. It is also headquarters to National Collegiate Athletic Assoc., and also hosts basketball tournaments for Women and Men.

indianapolis sarees

Its establishment

It was on White River, in 1821 that Indianapolis was established and is a well planned city. It has earned the nickname of ‘Crossroads of America’, as it is junction to major 4 interstate highways, 3 state roads and 6 U.S. highways. The world’s 23rd busiest airport is located here.

Its history

The region’s original inhabitants were the Lenape and Miami tribes. However, during the early 1820’s, they had been displaced. Replacing Corydon, Indianapolis had been selected to be the new capital of the state.

Demand for Indian sarees in Indiapolis

The  Asian population in Indianapolis constitutes about 2.4% of which Indians comprise of around 0.4%, the number which is growing at a steady pace. Given the rich and diverse economy here, Indians are attracted to come here to seek employment and business opportunities. Thus, the need for Indian sarees has been increasing among the Indians as well as the other Asians residing here, besides the native Americans, who have started to have a special liking towards this traditional form of Indian  apparel.

There are several Indian Saree shops Indianapolis that have been catering towards meeting the specific needs of the customers. Few of the popular ones are:

  • Sai’s Boutique and Gifts
  • 4225 Lafayette Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46254Lafayette Square        

Why Indian sarees?

Indian sarees are said to be popular for its varieties and exquisite designs. Since India is considered to be a country having diverse religions and cultures existing together, its outfits also are said to differ in wearing pattern and style from one state to the other. Although there are many Indians these days have been fond of wearing western outfits, the truth is that Indian sarees have never lost its old charm. The fashion designers have been trying to introduce new designs that are innovative, attractive and appealing to the eyes, thereby ensuring that it is liked by every person, irrespective of the caste, religion or country they belong to. The fact is that Indian Saree shops Indianapolis are even visited by white people either to buy sarees as gifts to someone else or enjoy wearing them to any occasion. The shops located here do offer handpicked inventory for catering to the customer’s  specific taste and preference.

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