Kanchipurm sarees – style to complement your looks

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Silk is the most demanded fabric in the countries like India especially during the auspicious occasions like weddings. Though there is huge collection available in Indian wedding saree fleet, kanchipuram silk sarees are known for their uniqueness in presenting your looks on the occasion. Earlier kanjivaram wedding sarees were choice of the older age group due to their limited availability of colors and their heaviness. However, changing trends are having great influence on the weavers of kanchipuram. Though traditional wedding saree colours like red, yellow and creamy white are given due importance for auspicious reasons and keeping their demand in mind(chosen by brides that don’t deviate from traditions), the wedding sarees are now available in trendy and fusion colours addressing the needs of the brides who are looking for fusion of trend and tradition in their wedding attire.

No doubt in the fact that every woman would love to add kanchipuram sarees to the closet, what keeps the women worried is a nightmare of carrying the heavy wedding saree in different draping styles to make your looks beautiful on the occasion. Instead, you can try different styling to your kanchipuram saree to keep yourself comfortable in the attire and present outstanding looks.

Long Sleeved Kalamkari or Printed Cotton Blouse

The classic appeal of the kanjivaram saree is unmatched when they are paired with right style. Looks of the silk sarees can be alluring in the combination of the contrast blouse. The fabric of the blouse for the wedding silk saree can be anything not necessarily silk. In fact, contrast blouse with different fabric as a whole works great in presenting classy looks when you are not comfortable with different draping style. Long sleeved kalamkari blouse or printed cotton blouse with colourful embroidery work fantastic.

black colour kanchipuram saree

Statement Jewellery

Like wedding sarees, women have a wide range of choice in jewelry as well. Kanjivaram wedding sarees go well junk as well as traditional jewelry. However, for brides of India, traditional gold jewelry is the only option,  to complement the grand looks of the kanjivaram wedding saree, you can choose to go with some heavy neckpiece while staying light on the other accessories to look best. If you are attending a wedding ceremony and wanted to depict your personality in changing trends while following traditions, pair up your wedding saree with the Jaipuri jewelry or handcrafted jewelry. However, handcrafted jewelry looks alluring on kanchipuram wedding saree only when it is a single color saree with a narrow border.

green kanjivaram saree

Draping style

Trying out different draping style would be daunting with the kanjivaram wedding sarees due to their heavy nature. However, if you want to go by distinctive draping style, it is wise to have a look at different draping patterns that keep you comfortable in kanjivaram sarees in spite of their heaviness. Gujarati style draping and Mumtaaz Draping style pattern are known to keep you comfortable in the wedding sarees, you can even jazz up your looks by wearing the beautifully patterned jacket as blouse for your saree.   

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