Parrot green wedding saree in pink contrast border

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Below is the beautiful parrot green colour wedding saree made from Kanchipuram . it has lovelyflower design made with pure zari and the border is made in contrast pink colour .  Only saree can reveal the perfect figure of a girl and neatly draped wedding saree gives additional attraction. Parrot green goes well with women who are brighter in skin colour. The other advantage of saree is that, even if you are put with little weight . women in saree will look great.

parrot green wedding saree

Even in todays generation, our tradition of wearing kanjivaram wedding saree still continues and hence these sarees demand is always there and even loved till this day. These sarees are made from the silk city of india ,namely Kanchipuram. It is located in southern part of India, namely tamil nadu. The silk that is used in the saree comes from Karnataka and the zari comes from Surat. Finally the saree is handwoven by the weavers in Tamilnadu. Weaving is not a easy skill to learn and one needs very good skill and experience to weave a Kanchipuram wedding saree. Because of the low wages for the weavers , they are switching to different fields.

Red is the most preferred colour when it comes to wedding but these days , women are becoming so fashion conscious and are trying very bright colors like yellow, pink and even parrot green.

Most women from kerala prefer white or cream sarees with gold or maroon border for weddings . Each colour in kanjivaram wedding saree symbolizes a meaning . for example , white colour is for purity. Yellow colour symbolizes prosperity. The draping of  a saree also differes from place to place and has wide variety of styles from different states in india. Embroidery work can also be done in a kanjivaram bridal saree. 

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