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What is a Kanchipuram silk saree?

Kanchipuram silk sarees  are handwoven silk sarees made from the city Kanchipuram. These kanchi sarees are popular among south Indians and are widely preferred for marriages and other important functions.  The kanchipuram town has around 10000 weaver families making these silk sarees at their homes and some at weaving looms.


How much does a Kanchipuram saree cost?

The cost of kanchipuram saree  price depends on 3 things – silk price + zari price + weaving price .  The minimum cost of this saree in pure silk with tested zari will start from Rupees 8000. (Pure silk costs Rs4000 + Tested zari  cost Rs1000 + Labour weaving cost Rs3000)

You might have a question like how come there are kanchi sarees for Rs5000. These sarees are machine made from other places like salem etc and are sold in kanchipuram for less.  If you are buying a kanchi saree for the price Rs2000 to Rs3500 then definitely it will not be pure silk saree as the raw silk costs more than that.

Lets calculate the cost for 3 gram gold zari kanchipuram wedding saree : Pure silk cost Rs5500 + 3 gram gold zari and also the amount of 3gram gold zari used. Roughly, it will cost 19000. (let’s assume the sari consumes 2 marks of 3 gram gold zari. One marks costs 9500 and 2 marks will be 19000) + The labour weaving costs Rs6000 + Design price Rs 5000. The total comes around Rs35500.

In one lakh rupees kanchi silk sarees , the entire base of the saree will be made in 3 gram gold zari and the amount of 3gram gold zari used in the saree will be very high and hence the price touches to 1 lakh rupees.


Is Kanchipuram saree and Kanjivaram saree same?

Most people often get confused with the names kanchipuram and kanjivaram sarees.  Both are the same sarees called differently from different regions. Example: The north Indians say these sarees as Kanjivaram sarees  and the south Indians say these sarees as kanchipuram sarees,  kanchi sarees.


How to identify if it is pure kancheepuram silk saree?

It is simple and easy to test if the saree is pure silk or not. You can remove few threads at the end of the pallu of the saree. Now twist the threads in your palm to make it like a small ball. Ignite the ball using match stick or lighter and observe the smell while burning the ball. If you get hair burnt smell then it is pure silk. Silk and hair has protein in it and gives hair burnt smell. if the material used in the saree is not pure silk then usually it will be polyster or synthetic threads. These ployster threads will give paper burnt smell.


Types of Kancheepuram saris?

Big border silk sarees

Contrast border silk sarees

Temple border silk sarees

Tissue silk sarees

Full gold silk sarees

Borderless silk sarees

light weight silk sarees are undoubtedly ‘pride of the wearer and envy of the onlookers’.  Saree to an Indian woman is like royal and lustrous yards of silk, meant to be flaunted on special occasions and an asset to be cherished throughout her life. Every Indian bride wants a Kanchipuram silk saree in her trousseau collection, which she can treasure forever.


Why is Kanchipuram silk saree special?

Kanchipuram sarees / kanchipuram silk sarees are handwoven in pure silk, with intricate motifs of zari, which are silk threads dipped in gold or silver. What make this saree exceptional are the elaborate designs which are interwoven in the body of the saree with gold zari. The motifs are inspired by human figures, animals, temples, flowers or birds, and are woven in the pallu and border of the saree. Borders are made in contrasting colours and traditional designs are infused in them. light weight Kanchipuram silk sarees are expensive due to its fine count weaves in gold threads, silky finish and high quality sheen. This product must be stored carefully in white cotton cloth, away from sunlight and heat, in order to preserve it forever.


Fabricating of Kancheepuram saree

Kanchipuram silk saree is incorporated with two materials, which are silk and zari. Pure mulberry silk is interwoven with shiny gold or silver zari threads, which are sourced from Gujarat. Three shuttles are used in weaving a kachipuram silk saree and two workers work side to side on a single saree. Border is woven in contrasting colours and pallu is woven separately and attached later to the saree. Checks, parallel lines or butis are made on the body of the saree in designs like peacocks, parrots, ambi, leaves etc. Other expensive variants have royal pallus with Raja Ravi Varma paintings instilled on them.


Kanchipuram sarees-a traditional legacy

Kanchipuram silk saree is an invaluable legacy which is profoundly embedded in the ethos of every Indian woman. People of Kanchipuram are obsessed with the art of weaving and they have formed co-operative societies, which look after the welfares of the weaver community. Newest trend in Kancheepuram silk saree is usage of embellishments like Kundans, beads and crystals in the Kanchi Pattu variety. These sarees are worn on weddings, functions or parties and are ideal for gifting.

Kancheepuram Silk Saree is not only confined to Tamil Nadu itself, in fact it is liked by women globally due to its traditional ethnic varieties woven in pure materials. As world is going organic, one cannot ignore handloom weavers who have restored the cultural heritage of India in genuine materials. 

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