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Explore Kanchi pattu saree’s online and pick the best one

Despite of several shopping trips and so many hours we spend on shopping for selecting the best western wear, saree shopping is the most special matter of concern for women. No matter how many dresses you have in your wardrobe, it is incomplete without an alluring Kanchi  saree. The soft fabric, intense colors and beautiful designs, these sarees are preferred the most for wedding ceremony, festivals and other important occasions where you would like to be the center of attractions.

Try it for a celebrity look

Kanchi pattu sarees have been the delight of every woman since long. Women love to wrap silk sarees over others as they enhance exquisiteness. You may find a huge collection of dazzling sarees in various designs, which are sold like hot cakes online. The way these sarees are designed is truly impressive. When your aim is to enhance your feminine beauty with dignity in special occasions, Kanchi saree is the best pick ever. It never runs out of fashion and a perfect ethnic wear that gives you a celebrity look. Match it up with a stylish blouse and get ready to flaunt your style with sophistication.

Kanchi pattu sarees have a bright history

In South India, no one can imagine a wedding without guests wearing Kanchi pattu sarees. It is originated in a small city called Kanchi in Tamil Nadu and according to the Indian mythology, the Kanchi pattu weavers were settled here about 400 years back. Made with the best quality silk, these sarees are for life.

People behind the art

Designed by skilled craftsmen, each Kanchi pattusaree narrates the story of Indian traditions and culture. The experts who design and weave the sarees are immensely clued-up and ingenious. Weaving is not just a professional for them, but they are passionate about it. They come out with an exceptional design, pattern and color combination from the sea of their thoughts every time they weave a Kanchi pattu saree. They always use golden and silver zari that make this outfit exceptionally rich. They love to experiment with heavily designed tallava temples, palaces, paintings, birds and animal designs, etc. The weavers are treasured all around for their dazzling weaving skills.

Making of Pattu sarees

The amazing blend of soft silk and heavy embroidery is something every woman is in love with. Pure mulberry silk is used to weave these sarees using three shuttles weaving process. The Pallu is the heart that is designed intensely with heavy golden and silver zari. Usually, the pallu is of a different color. To make a pattu saree, two weavers work simultaneously over one handloom.

Explore the range online

Pattu sarees are greatly cherished among women, especially who are fond of silk. To find one of the most gorgeous saree for a special event, browse our pattu category. You will find a pool of sarees online with just a click and opt for the most amazing one.

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