Samantha ruth wedding sarees with blouse designs

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Samantha is an Indian actress and model who made an established career in Telugu and Tamil Industries. She is very choosy about her dresses. She prefers to wear both trendy and traditional outfits. Wedding sarees worn by Samantha are very much noticed in south India since it is something very special and unique. Not only the wedding sarees but her blouse designs also have some uniqueness. Samantha got engaged to Mr. Naga Chaitanya and her engagement saree had her limelight love story embroidered on it. Here are some Indian wedding saree blouse designs worn by Samantha Ruth Prabhu that you can prefer for your wedding day. 

samantha cream wedding saree

Golden Yellow Silk Wedding Saree by Samantha

samantha beauty yellow silk wedding saree

If you are having a fairy smooth skin, with a sexy slim body, this type of yellow wedding saree will be a best option to make your groom praise on your beauty on your wedding day. What making this wedding saree more sexy and beautiful? It is nothing other than the matching blouse design. Samantha wore this saree during a wedding saree photoshoot, with a matching golden color sleeveless blouse design without any embroidery works on it. 

Shiny Blue Wedding Saree with matching Blouse design.

shiny blue bridal saree

Some girls prefer to wear simple wedding sarees on their wedding day. The shiny blue wedding saree that worn by Samantha during a bridal saree photoshoot has all features of a wedding saree but it seems to have very simple design. A pure diamond necklace will be a best suiting ornament with this wedding saree since lot of ornaments will not go good with this saree. Samantha wore a dark blue quarter sleeve blouse design which is perfectly paired with this blue silk saree. You can prefer velvet blouses that are also will be a good option to wear with this wedding saree.  

Violet Wedding saree with half sleeve Blouse design by Samantha.

violette wedding saree by samantha

If you want to wear a lot of ornaments on your wedding day, the Violet wedding saree will be a best option for you. Red color wedding sarees are most used in south Indian weddings, but preferring a violet saree will make you stand unique in the crowd. 

Red and Pink wedding sarees wore by Samantha.

The most loved wedding sarees by most of the south Indian girls. Red color wedding sarees always keep a charm. Samantha also wore some red wedding sarees during some inauguration events.

  • Light Red Wedding saree by Samantha 
red wedding saree samantha

She looks very attractive in this light Red Kanchipuram saree. The saree was worn in a movie, and it is noticed very much because of the classy look of the saree. Samantha wore a half sleeve blouse design with border to pair with this red wedding saree. For more red wedding sarees , check out

Dark Pink Wedding Saree by Samantha

samantha red pattu saree wedding saree

During an inauguration of a textile showroom, Samantha wore an amazing dark pink wedding saree that stole many hearts that day. It has a golden color border and the border like design on all over the saree which made that wedding saree very special. The elegant looking saree has 22 k golden silk materials used in it.

Cream Color Wedding saree by Samantha

cream marriage saree

This cream color wedding saree was one of the most beautiful wedding saree by Samantha. It is wore on a wedding sarees photoshoot, and soon it become very famous. The bridal saree has a golden color border and have body with floral designs on it. Samantha wore a green color blouse design which is very suitable with the cream color wedding saree. There are a lot of wedding sarees she wore and we will come up with her new collection of wedding sarees. 

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