Saree shops in edison NJ for indian clothing

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Indian Saree shops Edison, NJ – exciting Stores with excellent collection! 

Edison is a township with a total population of about 99,967 in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The township is the fifth most populous of all municipalities in New Jersey. There was a 2.3 percent increase in population which accounted for 2280 during 2010 population. During the 2000 census, the population was 97,687 which in turn was 88,680 in the year 1990.

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This place is claimed to be the birthplace for immense technological revolution. Edison, New Jersey is touted to be one among the best places to live in America, states a report published on Money Magazine. Further, this place is ideal for women to have a safe and secured stay, says an article on the SELF Magazine. Adding accolades to the township is the U.S. News and World report that praises this to be the Best place to grow up in the entire country.

Deeper into the township:

The township is spread across 32 square mile and rooms 100,000 residents. The township holds the pride of serving as the home for Thomas Alva Edison’s famed Menlo Park laboratory. To those who have forgotten what the specialty of this laboratory is, this is where incandescent light bulb was at first perfected and the very first sound recording was done here. It is after the name of Thomas Edison that the city is named.

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The Edison township houses several public schools, central location, and has a vivacious business environment and diverse community. All these together make Edison a lively place for all sorts of people – family, work, and others.

The extreme temperatures that had prevailed here in Edison range from -27 degree Celsius which was in February 1934 and 41 degree Celsius in July 1936 and August 1949.

It’s Little India

The township includes strong base of Indian community. This place mostly has middle class and upper class people. Indians refer the township to be Little India as the place is so comfortable for Indians to live in. There are Hindu temples, pan shops, music stores selling bollywood music, and it has enough Indians to change the culture according to ours.

Sufficient Indian Food

Coming on to the food here for Indians, Tandoori chicken, Naan bread, Samosa, Pakoda, Lassi, south Indian dish varietie, and many others are available here. Furthermore, many India mithai and sweet shops are found here to serve delectable sweets to all the sugary tongues!

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Indian Saree Shops in NJ –  Edison:

There are several designer clothing malls present here and they sell traditional Indian Sarees as well. Ritu Beri’s Ritu Kumar is one of those. One can find Wedding saree stores in Edison, NJ within 25 mile radius. Trendy designer collection, Punjabi salwar kameez, and others are kept for display in these stores. Lashkara Exclusive Fashions, Libaas, aaina exclusive fashion boutique, Kala niketan, Aaina Exclusive Fashion Boutique, Maharaja Wedding Center, Chandani Silk and Saris, Fashion of India, Kala Niketan, , etc are among the notable Indian Saree stores here.

Below are the famous saree shops in Edison NJ


Address: 44 Woodbrooke Dr, Edison, NJ 08820, United States

Phone:+1 800-924-2454

Fujiyama Sarees Inc

Address: 1536 Oak Tree Rd # 3, Iselin, NJ 08830, United States

Phone:+1 732-632-4660

Shagun Inc

Address: 65 Middlesex Ave, Iselin, NJ 08830, United States

Phone:+1 732-283-9391

Saree Bazar

Address: 1384 Oak Tree Rd, Iselin, NJ 08830, United States

Phone:+1 732-283-1884

Om Sari Fashion Boutique

Address: 1700 Oak Tree Rd # 8, Edison, NJ 08820, United States

Phone:+1 732-549-9499

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