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Las Vegas is called officially as ‘City of Las Vegas’. It is also called Vegas and is stated to be Nevada State’s most populous city and Clark County’s county seat. This city is considered to be an internationally popular resort city, well known mainly for shopping, gambling, nightlife and fine dining. At the same time, it is also a leading cultural and financial center in Southern Nevada.

Taj Boutique4529 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone number(702) 220-4634

Hypnotic Fashion Boutique3460 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89120

Phone number(702) 998-4302

sarees las vegas

Exciting nightlife

Las Vegas proudly calls itself the ‘World’s Entertainment Capital’ and is popular for its myriad entertainment facilities a mega casino- hotels. Being the country’s 29th most populous city, it is both a family and retirement city. The metropolitan area population of Las Vegas according to the 2013 census was 2,027,828. When it comes to seeking destination in the United States with regards to meetings, business and conventions, Las Vegas is among the top three in the country. Besides it, the metropolitan region is said to have plenty of AAA 5 diamond hotels when compared to other cities o f the world. In hospitality industry, it is also the global leader. Currently, it is regarded to be among the top destinations for tourists to come down when in the United States.

Its history

It was only in 1905 that this desert city was established and later incorporated in 1911. During the end of the 20th century, it was the most populous city in the country and had earned ‘Sin City’ title due to its various types of adult entertainment. It is for this reason, this place has become a great setting for television programs, music videos and movies.

las vegas indian sarees

Population and demand for Indian wedding sarees in Las Vegas

Of the 6.1 Asian community residing in this city, about 0.4% of  them are Indians, who have been promoting the Indian culture here. They have created a fascination among the other Asians and native Americans with regards to sarees. There are numerous Indian Saree shops las vegas that is known to sell authentic Indian sarees like :

  • Taj Boutique
  • Noor Boutique
  • Kaneesha

The Indian Saree shops las vegas do boast of offering huge range of sarees to match all preferences, taste, moods, size and shape. Few common clothes that are popular in Indian weddings and can be worn are the sari, chameez and gaghara choli. However, it is the saree that always  has remained the main attraction and an important apparel without which the Indian wedding is said to be incomplete. Sarees are not only worn by the bride, but also the womenfolk who are her family members and others. The wedding clothes found in the shops of Las Vegas do come in huge designs and varieties as well as intricate patterns. Moreover the wedding clothing is accompanied by jewelries and various other accessories. Designers in huge numbers have been trying to enhance the looks and beauty of the saree, so that it looks appealing and can stand competition against the western wear as well as other types of dress materials found and used across the globe.

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