Silk sarees – Must haves for Indian wedding trousseau

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Silk sarees –  Must haves for Indian wedding trousseau – India is full of diverse cultures and ethnic clothing is at its best in the country. Saree is the most popular ensemble in India; however every region has its particular weave, fabric, design or style of draping it. South India is home to several luxurious saree variants. Silk sarees for weddings are easily available in unlimited options in India, which add sophistication and grandeur in the bride’s beauty. Designs and embellishments of silk sarees vary according to the region, where it has been crafted.

Why silk saree for brides?

Indian bride is fascinated with her bridal trousseau and treasures it forever in her heart. Every article hand-picked by her loved ones, she feels warmth of her fond memories in each apparel, jewelry or accessory. Her bridal trousseau is however, incomplete without traditional silk sarees. Gorgeous silk sarees for weddings are perfect for a new bride as they provide her with elegance, grandeur and lavishness which are essential during this golden phase. Silk sarees are available in indefinite varieties which gives her numerous options to choose from. Royalistic sarees like Kanjivaram silk, banarasi silk, Gharchola and Patolas are the sarees which provide majestic look to any bride. 

Silk for enhancing the charm

Silk sarees for weddings are fashioned in popular designs with traditional styles. These sarees are enhanced with borders or embroideries to give vintage look to the bride to be. During wedding, it’s not only the bride but her mother, sisters and friends also who need lavish attires to look ethereal. Lovely silk sarees in classic or party wear designs accentuates the charm of every woman during festivities. Silk sarees for weddings are evergreen and versatile which if adorned with elegance can highlight your beauty.

green silk saree

Styling the silk sarees for wedding

While shopping for the wedding saree, make sure to buy matching gold jewelry which compliments the saree. Bangles, earrings, necklaces or matha patti, you can look luxurious by teaming them up with the saree. Kamarbandh, bajubandh or belts in gold are other accessories worn by Indian brides to highlight the saree. Wearing high heeled slip-ons will make you look sophisticated and elegant.

Which silk saree to buy?

There are around 50 varieties of silk sarees for wedding in the south India alone and handloom silk sarees are demanded worldwide for their excellent craftsmanship. Kanchipuram silk, Gadhwal silk, Pochampally silk, Mysore silk and Bangalore silk are some the top-most sarees of India. Silk saree for wedding is a great investment as it has more repeat value than any other attire. Hand crafted sarees are created using natural fibers and high quality raw materials. The dyes used for silk are mostly natural ones.

Selecting perfect colour for your bridal saree

During any Indian wedding everybody eagerly waits for the arrival of the bride in the mandap. Amidst all the majestic celebration, it’s the bride who carries the vivacity as it’s her special day. During Indian weddings we all expect brides to be dressed in red as it is a striking color which highlights the beauty of the bride. Yellow color is also very auspicious for weddings in many regions of India. Green color Gharchola sarees are worn by brides of Rajasthan and Gujarat while white and gold Kasavu sarees are for Malyali brides. When choosing color of your bridal outfit, you must choose the one which compliments your skin color and highlights your beauty.

Contemporary brides however, love to try vivacious colors for their wedding day as all they want to look is classy and gorgeous.

Types of silk sarees

India is a land of traditions where every state has diverse range of fabrics and textile crafts which pass on from generations. Handcrafted textiles have special place in the heart of every Indian lady. She wants to own several traditional pieces which are handcrafted and treasure it forever. Whether it is banarsi silk saree from Banaras or Ikat silk sarees from Orissa and Gujrat, all have a story to tell. Kanjivaram is the “queen of all silks”, due to its pure form and every Indian lady wants to be its proud owner. She dreams of passing it on to her daughter one day and treasures it forever. Silk sarees online are available in pure or faux variety for ladies who cannot go shop-hopping. Browse unlimited options from the comfort of your desktop at any time of the day.

Why buy online?

Many premium websites offer pure variety at reasonable prices as they are directly sourced from weavers. The weavers have made associations to cut the middle man cost and provide their hard work product online. Silk sarees online can be bought from several websites not only in India but also globally. These sarees have vibrant hues, soft feel and beautifully interwoven traditional motifs which makes every Indian woman long for them.

When to wear and how to drape?

Silk sarees online can be purchased to wear on weddings and festivals according to your budget. They are perfect to enhance your cuts and curves and beautify your presence in the functions. Indian bride’s wardrobe is incomplete without traditional sarees and the jewelery that goes along. The silk sarees online are not only draped in the quintessential way they are, but draped as dhotis, taken as dupattas or even worn as skirts! Pair them with unique and designer blouses and get going! Drape it like a lehenga with long blouse or wear a long brocade shrug over perfectly pleated pallu.

How to accessorize them?

Enhance your saree with beautiful accessories whether in oxidized silver or the traditional gold jewelry and flaunt them in your social soirees. Silk sarees add to the sophistication in women, so purchase silk saree online and team it up with designer clutches.

How to buy right saree?

Silk sarees online are available on discounts from time to time, so look out for deals and save your hard earned money. When buying a saree online, take care of the purity and intricacy. Look for colours which compliment you according to the season as black in summers will not be a good idea while pink will soothe everyone’s eyes.

Don’t know how to drape a saree? Don’t worry

Silk sarees are worn by many page 3 celebrities in parties, award functions and festivals. They are choice of millions of ladies worldwide for festivities or weddings. If you do not know how to drape it, don’t worry as nowadays a saree can be made into stitched version with stitched pleats and pallu. You just have to drape it like a readymade one. Get stylish blouses designed with beautiful tassles and laces which enhance your overall look. You can also opt for halter neck or corset blouses to show off your toned shoulders. Start surfing the web and find that perfect silk saree online today.

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