Tips to choose your wedding costume

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When it comes to wedding shopping, there is no insufficiency with the thrill and excitement. Add a spray of perfection to this with the finest choices of saree and jewels with the following tips:

  • Know your body type – The wedding dress you choose must fit your body shape. There are three main body types they are top-heavy or apple shaped, bottom-heavy or pear shaped and hourglass shape. Those who fall under the plus size category will have round shaped body in most cases. In other words, their weight gain is uniform throughout the body. In this way, understand your body shape and fix your choices accordingly
  • Decide the costume – before heading to the store to shop for your wedding dress, decide what to wear. Is it a V-shaped neckline or U-shaped one? Those who have got fatty bottom should opt for A-cut lehengas that fall straight down from their hip. Those who have broad midriff can go with long blouses that can cover the portion
  • Saree – Sarees are gifted costume option for women of plus size. You can choose from the wide range of blouse choices that can fit your body style. You may also experiment with the saree by trying a long designer blouse with excellent patterns on the neck. Voluptuous women and plus size women can choose long cholis with full sleeves. You can make a better choice with choli or blouse with criss-cross strings. This will fetch a bold cum classy look. If the confusion still prevails on what to go with, you can choose lehenga for the big day. You can choose your wedding wear based on the fabric as well.
  • Color combinations – plus sized women, in most cases, prefer to wear darker colors so that they can look thinner. Well, it is not a theory to follow really. Light colors can be good on you too. A monochrome look is recommended for you instead of burst of different colors. Be it light or dark, choosing the same color as a whole is best. This will not just give a slim look, but tall look as well. On the other hand, if you need a combo of colors to play on you, jiggle among red, royal blue and gold. Two colors with similar hues can be your choice too. For example, red shade with pink
  • Embroidery and decorations – plus sized women mostly avoid use of embroideries or embellishments. But do you know that these can actually make you look slimmer? Identify the part of your body that looks bulkier and get an embroidery done on it. Have an eye on glimmering sequins on these areas though. These can make you look bulkier if not used wisely. You can instead go with bright colored kundans or zari in silver, gold or copper shades
  • Prints – Please apologize to large patterns or prints on your wedding wear. Go with medium sized ones – borders and buttas. Particularly, there should be a vertical pattern with the embroidery and not horizontal as they will make you look bulkier.

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