Tips to find wedding sarees according to body type

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Wedding sarees are some of the most valuable dress in every girls life that representing her quintessential tradition. Although sarees are a common wear in India, selecting a wedding saree is a little confusing factor since it has more importance in the wedding day. What will be the factors that you will consider while purchasing your wedding saree? Your answer will be, Fabric, color, type of saree and price of the saree etc. These things are also to be considered, but what if the saree having the above mentioned qualities doesn’t fit to your body? That’s why before purchasing any wedding sarees you should aware of your body type, body complexion and you should know how to select your bridal saree according to that. You may have a slim body or you may have a fat body. You may have fair complexion or dark skin. We have solution for your body and skin types. If you can spend 3 minute of your life to read this article, we are sure that your wedding saree will be a talk of the town. 

cream wedding saree with maroon border

Wedding sarees for Slim and Tall Girls.

off white bridal saree

How will you wear a saree perfectly if you are very thin? Here are some tips to look like a perfect figure on your wedding saree.

  • You can go for Cotton, raw silk sarees, Pure silk sarees (Eg; Kanchipuram silk sarees). This sarees are little thick and it will give you a little more full figure.
  • Light color bridal sarees will be better for ladies with thin body.
  • You can opt for broad embroidery works will make you look a little shorter and it will make you little thick.
  • For getting a sexier look even though you don’t have a fleshy body, sheer sarees with lace works will help.
  • Big bold printed sarees also helps you to divert the attention towards you.
  • If you have a fair skin, bright color sarees will make you look beautiful.
  • If you are little dark, light colored sarees with small prints with less jewels can be a good selection for you.
orange bridal saree picture

Wedding sarees for Slim and Short Girls.

parrot green wedding saree picture

If you are slim and short, you can adjust some height using high heeled footwear’s. But these tips will help you to look more pretty and taller.

  • Selecting sarees with thin border with minimum embroidery works will help you to look taller.
  • Vertical printed sarees will make you look taller.
  • Georgette, chiffon, Silk sarees including Kanchipuram silk sarees can be used as wedding sarees for slim and short girls.
  • Light color wedding sarees are preferred.
  • If you have a dark skin, dark pink, maroon, red or green contrasts will be good for you. White or shades of white also can be considered.
  • If you have a fair skin, you can opt for any color wedding saree.

Bridal Sarees for Tall Over weight Girls.

parrot green wedding saree picture

Over weight will be always a problem for ladies. Especially no girls want to be looked over weight on their wedding day. Here are some tips to look better in your wedding saree.

  • Cotton, silk sarees, light silk sarees are better for these body type. It will give you a slimmer look.
  • Dark colored printed saree will be good if you want to look thin.
  • Mysore silk sarees with heavy works suits better.
  • Light sarees like chiffon, georgette also will be good options for your wedding saree.
  • If you have a fair skin, you can opt for any color wedding sarees.
  • Dark color wedding sarees with prints will give you a curvy look.

Make sure you get a proper blouse for every saree you are selecting. Wishing you a happy wedding day.

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