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kanchipuram sarees have everlasting effect on brides

Mar 16, 2018 1:51:52 PM

Indian brides and their correlation with the ritualistic Kanchipuram Silk saree on their wedding is an evergreen tradition. The Kanchipuram Silk smacks of magnificence, affluence and aesthetic beauty. The dream is not only carried by the bride to be but also her family and her significant other. The sheen on the face of blushing brides reflected on Kanchipuram wedding sarees is a common sight at marriage ceremonies across several cultures in India. So much so that it is often celebrated by the book, with the bride decked in crimson Kanchipuram and caked in vermillion on her forehead, at foreign destination wedding too!


Gifting Kanchipuram sarees as a wedding gift is also a surefire way to invest in a memorable present that is often taken out of the wardrobe and sported by the bride in the post-nuptial ceremonies and beyond! Comprising of over 5000 thread-count, the pure Kanchipuram sarees have been a companion of the Indian woman since the earliest civilizations. Indian traditional Kanchipuram designs usually feature gold embroidery on the borders and edges. Fractal patterns are common designs for traditional saree print houses. However, designer Kanchipurams featuring ornamental embellishments and Persian motifs are selling like hot cakes these days!


Kanchipuram sarees come in a multitude of colors, such as violet or sky blue. However, the red Kanchipuram duo is an unmatched combination that finds preferential treatment from the Indian bride. Red Kanchipurams are not alien to being sported at any social function as well, for the petite, Indian lady cannot ever spell a fashion disaster with them. The aforementioned Persian motifs present interesting combinations in print designs with color-combinations that catalyze the Kanchipuram’s vibrancy.


Kanchipuram sarees are unrivalled in their royal synonymy with auspicious Indian customs. Kanchipuram wedding sarees range from a few thousands to lacs in price depending on the magnitude of golden ‘zari’ embroidery. Bengali marriages are known for their extravagant budgets set aside simply for the brides wedding sarees. The saree that is worn by the Bengali bride on her wedding day features heavy ornamental embellishments. Intricate, fine, metal-work, featuring colorful stones are a hit these days. Wedding saree designers go far as to feature platinum in their creations with blue gem-work. Make no mistake, the likes of the aforementioned example cost an arm and a leg, and are still in demand!


The Kanchipuram wedding sarees may have gotten some stiff competition to wedding ghagras and lahengas that are preferred by the modern Indian bride as an alternative to the saree. However, the tradition is nowhere even close to being snuffed out by competition. One of the prime reasons being the fact that Kanchipuram sarees paint a picture, that is worth more than a thousand words; even without ornamental accessories. Kanchipuram sarees come in several fabrics such as Georgette and Tussar. However, nothing beats the exquisite feel of a pure, satin silk Kanchipuram or a Katan silk Kanchipuram. The latter are the ones more prominent as wedding sarees.