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Where to buy silk sarees in Kanchipuram?

Aug 8, 2017 1:08:46 PM

Best places to buy silk sarees in Kanchipuram - If you know about India’s ancient history, then you are fully aware of how rich our cultural heritage is. We have a remarkable traditional antiquity owing to this heritage. Every state has different kind of clothing which is made internally. With different types of weaving, a plethora of colors and designs, every place reflects its culture onto a piece of textile which is sold commercially across the world.

Kanchipuram is one of the oldest and a very special place as it generated the eminent Kanjeevaram sarees. These sarees are celebrated across the globe for their richness and are adorned with pleasure. Weddings are the special places where Kanjeevaram is draped beautifully on the bride.



Although, weddings require painstaking preparations and detailed sessions of carefully choosing the outfit, getting your traditional wedding outfit can be a huge task. There is a plethora of options in the market with traditional as well as Indo western options. But what is it that is perfect for your day? The beauty of Kanjeevaram on a bride leaves everybody enthralled. So why not try that! And while you are at it, buy these sarees from the place of their origin – Kanchipuram. We will give you a list of places in Kanchipuram from where you can score a Kanjeevaram for your wedding day.


•          Kanjivaram Silks :

Founded in 2010, kanjivaram silks hold an extraordinary reputation in providing silk sarees sourced directly from weavers. With around 50 weaving units situated in the kanjivaram city, the store delivers silk sarees globally in many major countries. You can get great varieties of kachii pattu, designer sarees, soft silk sarees etc. from the showroom at affordable prices. Sarees at kanjivaram silks are certified with silk mark and they even provide customized wedding sarees with names of groom and bride woven in the Pallu. The store has great discounts daily on several types of sarees so check out the deals for a great shopping experience.


•          Shri Sarvalakshmi Silk saree manufacturer:

Kanchipuram silk sarees from  this showroom are exclusive and unique as they are manufactured with the best materials during production. You can also purchase their superior and branded sarees online. These sarees are available in unlimited designs at unbeatable prices. The showroom has its own handloom units, weaving them using high quality raw materials. The showroom even provides repurchase facility of pure silver zari sarees at 30 percent value. SS silks have a wide variety of silks for weddings and other occasions in mesmerizing patterns and designs which are woven by ancient weavers in the city. They are now exporting to several countries worldwide and their unique and exquisite collection is classy and sophisticated. If you are looking for pure and authentic sarees for your wedding trousseau, SS silks have so much to offer, with unlimited range of sarees which are manufactured in magnificent silks.


•          Prakash silks and sarees:

If you are looking for traditional sarees in pure zari, then Prakash silks are an awesome store with polite staff and huge set of collections. The store is a legendary supplier of silk throughout India and has skillful weavers to weave wonderful designs in pure material. They have sarees in heavy silks with awesome durability. Every south Indian bride prefers to shop for sarees from the store for her trousseau. Prakash silks are also famous globally for their cheerful and bright colored sarees which are a favorite with brides throughout the country. Nowadays fashion Industries around the world are mesmerized by silks from India and silk sarees are taking over the haute couture globally. You can ask for their contemporary collection, if you want to look modern with a traditional twist on your wedding day. The store has unique and wonderful sarees and is a favorite with wedding shoppers.


•          Sri Madheswaran silk saree shop:

Established in 1982, this store is a premium shopping destination for bridal trousseau. They are manufacturers, wholesalers as well as retailers of Indigenous Kancheepuram silk sarees and you can witness exclusive range of sarees in pure silk. The store has more than 800 weavers, weaving magic on their looms in the town itself.  Whether it’s your wedding, reception or engagement, there is an outfit apt for every occasion. Each saree is innovative and unique and no design is replicated by the store. Their online showroom is just a click away and you can buy pure silk sarees even if you are living far off. During the wedding and festive season, the showroom offers great collections at affordable prices so make sure to visit the store. If you cannot visit the showroom due to distances, then don’t worry their online portal provides you to shop from anywhere at any time.


•          Komathi silks:

Established in 2002, komathi silks are leading manufacturers and retailers of pure kanjiwaram silk sarees. If you are looking for contemporary silk collection of sarees for the modern woman in you, then this store is a must visit. The store is functional in Kanchipuram town and specializes in pure kanjiwaram sarees, bridal silk sarees, designer sarees or embroidered sarees.  The store is selling their products in both national and international markets and manufactures great sarees in exclusive designs at competitive prices. The store is widely spread and has high quality silk sarees in unlimited varieties. Perk up your bridal collection with sarees from Komathi Silks.


•          P S Silk sarees:

Are you looking for traditional yet trendy Kanchipuram silk sarees? P S Silk sarees have latest collection teamed up with authentic quality and fabulous designing. You can get fashionable sarees in silk infused with great designing. Every saree is an art in itself with consistent quality and innovative designs. The quality of the saree is great and the store designs innovatively keeping in mind the demand of the customers. Shop at P S Silk sarees for latest and trendy designs and look stunning in shimmery silks, when you walk to your mandap.  The clients of this store are intensely satisfied with the quality of products woven in awesome designs and the store focuses on providing finest shopping experience for the bride to be.

With so many awesome options available in the hub of saree weaving town, every shopper wants to unearth the perfect saree which suits them. Happy shopping in Kanchipuram and we hope you get your perfect bridal outfit easily without much stress.