Wedding day checklist

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What to do before the wedding day

Wedding day passes like at a bullet train speed so there is nothing that you spoil so you have to enjoy 100%. You need to be fit and healthy for the wedding day so you need to take some time for yourself before the wedding day.

Here are some tips and suggestions to think about everything and to sleep peacefully on the day before the wedding

In general, the day preceding the big day is a bit loaded because you need to go through all final action plans before the wedding day. Its always a better idea for delegating maximum of things to avoid unnecessary stress shots.

wedding day checklist

The reception of guests arriving on the wedding day

This is one of the imp[ortant task of receiving the guests on the wedding day. Its always better to entrust this task  one or more persons. Foe example : your dad can take care of your family, your sibling can take care of your friends. Etc

Getting the decoration part done

The decoration part of the wedding is done the day before. In all circumstances , Always keep some known ones near you, who can understand your needs and desires so everything runs smoothly in a well planned manner. You can prepare a task sheet , a week before the wedding and allocate it to your friends to get it done.

Prepare some regulations for the providers so that you don’t have to sign checks on the day of the wedding.

Entrust your phone to your closed one who can take care of your phone calls and help guests for any kind of issues that they are facing to reach the wedding place . example: in case of gps failure , some one guide your guests and will answer for you.

Polish your speech and your vows. Take a note to check that there is nothing missing in the inventory list for the wedding.

Most important, the day before the wedding day will pamper you and you will be so tired so it is important to take proper rest and sleep so you need to determine the exact time at which you stop everything to put yourself rest.

You can relax by taking a little walk with your mom to allow some fresh air and to talk about everything so you can clear your mind.

Relax yourself with a good bath: Hot water and salt lavender bath with you guaranteed relaxation. You can also read a good book or relax yourself with a nice music. Take the opportunity to see that the shampoo is perfect for your hair on the wedding day.

The secret to being shaped on the wedding day is to sleep well during the whole week before the weeding. We all know that , on the eve of the important day it is difficult to fall sleep so get ahead to store some sleep.

The small list of things you need to avoid  on the eve of the wedding day.

Testing a new cosmetic product : a mask for the face, eye cream, etc: this is a very bad idea. Rather bet on the products you use every day.

– Expose yourself to sunlight or have the idea of UV : Take precautionary measures for you not to expose yourself in direct sunlight. Even if you do , see that you are not in direct sunlight for long time.

Tweezing. Whether razor, wax or the electric epilator. You are not safe from a small skin reaction (pimples, redness). Better plan to do before the day before.

– Try your wedding saree. Your outfit is perfect, you know. Try your wedding saree before the wedding so you know you will be totally comfortable with your wedding costume and at ease.

– Eat anything : Eat what you normally eat and  do not try a new dish or a revolutionary juice. ^^ With all the excitement, you may not be very hungry, think still swallowing something: the hypoglycemia of the bride for mayor, if you can avoid it, it’s better: )

– Change your mind: in any field whatsoever (food, makeup, decoration, etc.),  We do not decide at the last moment we will change his whole wedding decoration, no, no, no.

– Modify the table plan. Definitely not. At least not from top to bottom, although it is possible that you have to adjust a few last minute changes.

– Abusing alcohol. Glass, okay, but no more.

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